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A new adventure: Tsundokursed

Hi guys! I have stopped publishing articles over here for a few months already. I’m sorry for that happening so soon after a supposedly renewal of the publications but I feel like I’ve grown and this blog wasn’t fulfilling my ambitions anymore. I might need to take a bit of time and come back later…… Continue reading A new adventure: Tsundokursed

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Bake with Lil’Gladys || Banana Pancakes Two Ways

Heeyy everyone! You were wondering what to cook for your breakfast tomorrow morning? Or what to add to your sunday’s lunch that’s quick and easy and tasy to do? I’ve got you sorted! Today, we’re making Banana Pancakes Two Ways!  Ingredients : Pancakes batter: 2 large bananas 2 large eggs 2 or 3 tbspoons of…… Continue reading Bake with Lil’Gladys || Banana Pancakes Two Ways

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Japanese Snack Tasting | A video

Happy Friday everyone! What have you planned for the weekend? Something nice, I hope! As for me, I’ll be concentrating on my reading list for uni, cause Montaigne ain’t gonna read itself, is it? Today is a special post as it is mostly a video format! Let me give you a bit of context: Last…… Continue reading Japanese Snack Tasting | A video

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UPDATED : New Year, New Plans

Hello everyone, This is my first blog post of the year… so Happy New Year everyone! I never know when it’s not appropriate to say it anymore, but let’s pretent I’m safe. Little Gladys celebrated its two years last 30th of November.  Two years, man! It’s a huge amount of time… and I’m still as unorganised…… Continue reading UPDATED : New Year, New Plans

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Inferno || Movie review

Hey guys! As I’ve been saying in some past articles, last Friday I went to the cinema and saw INFERNO by Ron Howard, an adaptation of Dan Brown’s book. Once again, I won’t do a comparison between the two; it’s been far two long since I’ve read the book. Here is simply my opinion of…… Continue reading Inferno || Movie review

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25 random questions’ tag

Hey! Today, I don’t have much type, it’s quite a busy time (as you could see on the blog, I’ve missed out two days!) so here are simple questions tags! Hopefully you’ll get to know me a bit more and I’ll get to know you as well: choose 5 of this questions and answer them…… Continue reading 25 random questions’ tag

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5 countries I want to visit

Hey everyone! Sorry, I haven’t uploaded anything yesterday as I spent the whole day working for uni, with a short break to go watch Inferno with my parents. I’ll post a review about it some time later! As for today, I’ll be talking about the top 5 countries I want to visit, one day. I…… Continue reading 5 countries I want to visit