Dream or Not ?


You’re going through a breakup? You just lost your job? Your wife just died? You’re completely depressed? Well, do try something else… Unless you’re the type to be spirited-up by watching some people going through deeper shit than yours. If that’s the case, Requiem for a Dream is for you. Those who are happy, suit yourself – you may end up completely killed by this movie or, well, once again, spirited-up. All depends on the feeling you take from it, I guess.


Because, really. This movie isn’t for pussies. There’s drug, prostitution, hemoglobin, torture, both physically and mentally. It’s awful, from the beginning to the end. It gives false hopes immediately crushed. It takes away your faith in life and dreams. You end up rolled up in your bead, under your cover, with your teddy bear held by your side. For real.

This movie tells about the life of Harry Goldfard (Jared Leto) and his mother, Sara (Ellen Burstyn). They both have a dream, a big one, the dream of their life, and we follow, during some hour, all of their journey, pursue to happiness, all the process of “how can we achieve a dream?” And, of course, because it’s a movie realized by Darren Aronofsky it’s dark, shadowy, and it ends up… well, it’s not Bisounours land, you see?

Sara Goldfarb’s dream is to be on television. As she says herself, she is an old woman, all of those she loved left her – either dead or to pursue their life – and there is only that dream to give her the sufficient strength to stand up every morning and continue living. She wants to be on TV with the red dress she wore to her son’s graduation day – but she fattened. She then starts a diet… with pills, of course, and it then becomes really, really catastrophic. We end up in this lady’s mind, completely crazy, who completely lost control of herself, and whose spirit can only shout TV, TV, and TV. In the Morning, at noon, at night, every single time. And it’s clearly frightening.


Of course, a single freaky intrigue is not enough: we have the honor to share life with Harry and his girlfriend, Marion, as well as their best friend, Tyrone. The couple wants to open a clothing shop, which will be drawn by Marion, and the latter only wants a peaceful life, with money and women, while always thinking of the promise he did to his mum, which is too succeed in life. The problem is that, their money, they make it with drugs; drugs that they end up trying, and it all turns to problems – how could it not with a story like that? We then enter the mind of desperate junkies who try everything they can, despite all of that, to achieve their dreams.

And that really is the most traumatizing thing of the movie. Until the end, until the very end, they wish, they hope so loudly. And we’re there, looking at the massacre, knowing exactly for the very first minutes of the movie how it’s all going to end up, but we’re still there, hoping with them. It’s a truthful magical trick, mental torture, or whatever else – this movie is complete dope.


Add to this an OST capable of giving an eargasm to deafs, with this one in particular ( ceci) which you have to listen to again and again and again. An OST that really glues to the film’s atmosphere and if the realization and the plot did not make you go crazy and depressed, this music definitely will.

So, there, Requiem for a Dream is a fantastic movie, crushing your feels, your heart, your brain, everywhere at once. And, god, after that, you’re so, so, so happy with your life it can kill you. So run, people, run and see that masterpiece if you didn’t already!

Loads of lil’ kisses from a



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