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Who’s that Lil’ Gladys?

Heyaa everyone !

You might have just ended up on this website by some chance or you might have actually searched for me – but, hey, in any case, thanks for being here, and to enlighten up a little your mind, here’s a brief “Who are you and what is this website about?”

who are you

My name’s Gladys, – well actually that’s my pen name, my real name’s Elissa 😀 – I’m a teenager whose first language is French (so I beg in advance for all tricky mistakes I might make). I’m a Harry Potter freak (Always ♫) and I’m a youtuber freak as well, but I guess these make me a pretty common teenager in our world, right? I write fanfiction, and you can find me either on Harry Potter Fanfiction under the name Julia Erwelin or on fanfiction.net under the pen name TheodoreIsNott because Theodore Nott is awesome, bear with it.

There, you gotta a bit of infos about me, but here comes what interest you the most I believe ! WHAT is this blog even about? Well. I have two main objectives from today on. I intent to post up to three posts a week, one will be of diverse critics such as movie critics or book critics or even music critics  it will really depend on what I did during the week itself, to be honest. Another will be about something more trivial, about life in general – either mine, either things I’ve come to see and discover during the week – for example, I have some ideas for French Stereotypes or What to do with your life ? if that can give you a little peek of what to find shortly on this blog ♥ The third type of posts will be literary related because I’m an amateur writer, because I write almost everyday and have some experiences and thoughts I’ll gladly share once a week.

Therefore, I made up a little planner I’ll try to respect as much as I can.. For now on, we will have one life related post on mondays, one literary related post either on wednesday or thursday (depending on my time) and a last one, which will be a critic post on saturdays.

There might be some random posts during the week because I’m bored and I want to talk with you so so much, but I’ll try to be as regular as one can be o/


I hope you’ll bear with me, and help me grow a bit this little blog which is completely fresh and new and needs a lots of love !

Well then, bye bye everyone, please do love me,

Loads of lil’kiss from a



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