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Heyaa lil’pies ♥

Hope you loads are all fine! Today’s Wednesday so here I come with a brand new literary related post. To enlighten you a little on what those post are going to be about, let’s say I’m going to take one literary topic, or anything relative to the literary domain and tell you a little about it, about my thoughts and so on. For example, coming next will be a blog issue about writing contests.

For today, as I said in Monday’s post, in which I told you how devastating my life was since I missed The WHO, today’s blog issue will be about the NaNoWriMo. Because it has just ended and maybe because I definitely failed it so I need to talk about this failure… again.

But, hey, what does NaNoWriMo even stand for?


Let’s clarify this immediately: National Novel Writing Month. To make it brief, it’s held up during November each year, starts on the 1st at 00:01 sharp and authors have an objective of 50 000 words written by the end of the month. Let’s say you have to write about 1667 words per day, which is quite a lot – but significantly okay once you’re inspired and motivated.

The fact that it is in November can be quite depressing. Usually, exams fall in that period of time, we also have the internationally renowned “November Breakdown” but HEY. This is exactly what you need to cheer up and throw all of your life’s frustration into words. Isn’t that perfect?

However, if you really, really can’t in November but are still interested in that type of self-contest, you can also try the Camp NaNoWriMo. It happens during July and August, you can participate to the two or only one, just like you wish. And in opposition to the NaNoWriMo goal of 50K, there you can fix your own goal, be it 30K or 100K.

What can you write?

Thing is: you can write anything you want. Literally anything. Be it your new novel, some fan fiction, the master dissertation due some months later – anything as long as you try and reach 50K.

Who can do this?

Anyone can! That’s what is great. All you need to do is join the community – on this website: – and you’ll be able to “create a novel”, enter your written words and see your stats going up, up, up… Which is quite motivating. You can also have your friends’ stats, and see their progress compared to you, which can also hype you up. Of course, you can also take part in the NaNoWriMo without doing all of this, but let’s face it: the motivation is really, really important, and to be in the midst of motivated and zealous people do cheer you up when you feel like throwing your computer away in despair. True story.


There are three types of NaNoWriMos (aka people who actually sacrifice their mental health during this November month).

The first type are NaNoWriMo Freaks. Those who starts at 00:01 on November 1st and write the 50K before November 7th. This is actually quite freaky and can be despairing when you’re sticking with your 11666 words. Those people should however not make you fall in a hole and want to stay there forever because you definitely suck compared to them. Everyone has his own rhythm. Yours is not 10K per day. Fine. That’s not even human anyway.

…Yes I’m definitely jealous.

They usually go on and try to reach about 100K in a month. Maybe even more. I don’t even want to imagine how many word pages that would be. I’m awestruck.


In the same kind, you have those who start late, but still manage to write 50K and more by a spectacular progress in a few days by the end. It’s the same as those who do 50K in a week at the beginning but this time in the last week. Yup, I know, pretty intense. But well, at least, it’s not 100K in a week… Yes, this is a failed tentative of reassuring ourselves, lil’pies.


Then comes the second type. Those who are quite normal. They write their quota every day and reach the 50K by the end of November or slightly before. This is usually how most people try to do it. Or you can write more on days you’re pretty hyped up, and gain an advance that will let you rest a little on the day after… It’s all about calculation. Yes, I know, math in writing. I must have gone wrong somewhere in my logic (but I swear it does).

Pretty normal stats _ nanowrimo

And finally, the third type! This is actually my type. Those who never get to finish the NaNoWriMo. I mean, please, it’s my third year already and I still didn’t go further than 35K. This is pretty depressing. But, hey, I have a dream that… one day I’ll make it. One day I’ll have the litter “winner” star. However, how come I never get to finish my thing?

As many of those in this case, it all comes from either a lack of time or a desperate lack of inspiration and motivation. It’s usually the second one for me – and the fact that I’m a big, big, lazy procrastinator. We usually start good, motivated and such – we even get some advance sometimes. But then… It’s decadency. Even though the stats are looking at us, depressed because they’re not getting higher, we CAN’T write a single line.

I usually have a plan to follow. I usually have well-made characters. But we all know that no one really does follow what was written before on the plan. There’s always something getting fucked up just like the main character wants – or even worse, it can even follow what a secondary characters we were supposed to see once finally decides to do. And we that can be inspiring to the point you can write 50K in a month, it can also leave you blocked with not a single idea what to do next.

Sometimes there is even worse. You have the ideas. You have the inspiration. You have the words in your head, how it should be. But you can’t put them into a sentence, you can’t do a chapter out of it. So you fall into despair and your stats stay blocked and nothing goes on.

For example, here are the stats of my first ever NaNoWriMo. I actually wrote more than 25K which was pretty amazing for me at the time – I never thought I could write as much in such a short time period. That was a revelation – and kind of started my fascination for the NaNoWriMo.

first try

We can see that by the middle of November I had completely abandoned the thing. I don’t really remember why exactly, but I always get unmotivated at this period time. I should do something about it next year. My second try was actually a more successful attempt. I wrote more, about 34K, and started pretty well the month.

second attempt

Once again, it all dropped by the second week. The Second Week is the worst. I believe it is THE most terrible week of the month for NaNoWriMos. You were all hyped up during first week but you need to continue on this line or your enthusiasm will fall down and you won’t be able to continue the month – and that’s what happens to me every single time. Kind of depressing.

I tried this year too. A week late. During THE Second Week, then, but… Still didn’t get to make it.


Despite all these failed attempts, NaNoWriMo has not been for nothing. I never write more in a short time period than during this month, I believe. I get to progress in my novels and my stories. I had a horrible writers’ block for about half a year on one of my fanfics and this NaNoWriMo helped me write almost 25K of words on it – which is like 4 chapters. So, hey, even though it’s only 25K it still is 25K. And that’s what is great about this thing.

Even though you feel like plucking your hairs out of your head, even though you feel like you’re the worst writer in the whole world, even though people writing 50K in three days depress you, even though you feel like what you’ve written is total shit… in the end, you were still able to write. Be it 10K, 40K, 50K or 200K. And that is the best thing that could be for an author, isn’t it?

So here it is, today’s blog issue. I hoped you lil’pies liked it. Do you guys have any experience with the NaNoWriMo? Would some of you be interested? What do you think of it?

Do tell me lil’pies, I’d be glad to hear you out!

Coming soon (on the 6th but shush) a critic on the last Hunger Games movie! Until then, farewell my lil’pies,

Loads of lil’kisses from a


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