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Heyaaa you lil’pies!

Yeees, I know, we’re not Monday! But I had some events going on in my country and well, I’d better talk about it before it’s outdated right? Don’t worry, we will still have a peek at my life next Monday too, the planner goes on as it was supposed to huhu

Sooo, as my title says, today’s post is going to be about.. National Day! Yes, yes, I know, we’re definitely not in the midst of June or July, be it the 4th or the 14th if you’re from US or France but… I’m kind of an immigrant here. I left France some long time ago and I’m now living in the Arabic Peninsula. Therefore, we just celebrated the National Day this week. Even though it is originally on the 2nd of December, some were granted the 3rd too as a celebrating day. Personally, my school gave us the 4th too : as our weekend falls on the 5th & 6th, they granted us one day in the middle of all those school-less days. Aren’t I sooo privileged? I guess all this fuss made on the National Day is pretty much due to the fact that the country where I’m living is actually pretty, pretty new… In fact, it’s 43 years old only!

Heya that’s right I’m in United Arab Emirates, Dubai to be more precise, and the National Day here is on the 2nd of December aaaand it’s quite of an event!

For a brief introduction, I can only but lead you to that wonderful (I think) ad one of our telecommunication brand made for the National Day. Quite sums up Dubai’s cultural diversity and their pride in their country, I believe, which is predominant during the National Day period.

There, now you know which country I’m talking about, what it looks a bit like – cause you know, loads of people just look at me dumbfounded when I tell them about the UAE, and it’s only when Dubai and the Burj Khalifa, between others, are quoted that they get where it is. But, I get it, truly, as I’d be really incapable of saying where Michigan State is anyway (well, that’s kind of a lie, cause Tyler Oakley studied there, so I just have to know, right?)

Anyway, I’m digressing a lot, as that post was firstly about the National Day. It’s quite of a big fuss here. When in France, you have the day off and you have some fireworks at night? Yeah, well, they do that here. But they do a lot, lot more too. I mean, it’s Dubai, you can’t talk “-less” here.

Firstly, it begins almost three or two weeks before – you can even see flags on the houses like a month before. Such as here…

It’s like that quite everywhere. The high school facing mine even has some pending on the windows, or such. They really like to show they’re celebrating. Another thing would be the enormous loads of parades they keep on doing, from as soon as the week before. You have some Emiratis dressed up in the typical way, dancing in the shopping malls and… just like wherever they can. It’s really, really festive, and they just looove sharing their culture, their dancing.

And then comes the typical fireworks session. We had fireworks everywhere. Like, really. In all places of Dubai – I’m talking about Dubai only here, as I’m in this city, sorry lads! – in each single places you were sure to have some fireworks high up in the sky.

Well, I guess this is pretty common for a National Day, despite the actual week duration of the festivities. But, hey, it’s Dubai my lil’pies! So, guess what? They had to do something different. And I think it’s pretty cool of them to always want to innovate things. I mean, some 50 years ago, they were some kind of  village in the middle of the desert… Now, if we’re still in the mid of the desert, there are skyscrapers everywhere, biggest malls, biggest tours, luxurious hotels, some more common areas. In 50 years, it has become such a big place. So, for this 43rd National Day, they decided they were going to make it on the Guinness Book of World’s record. How’s that?

By painting up this spectacular progress under a 2180 meters long graffiti called “Our Journey”. I mean, pretty please. Getting a world record by promoting art and their culture at the same time? That’s Dubai for you, little pies!

Here’s a bit of what it looks like: (I’ll try and go some time soon to get some better pictures so you guys can see it well o/)

Attempt of longest graffiti wall – Dubai UAE

It’s actually pretty nice, and we can salute the fact that anyone could participate, be it small kids or professionals. (All under pros control, ofc.)

So, yup, it’s really a thing here, a big event, prepared in every details, despite it being so young. And I really got into the National Day spirit – my mum even had some flag inside the car, at the back window, just you know, because we’re grateful to this country.

And theeere, that’s it – a little peek inside my life and my thoughts ♥

Hope you guys liked it and please do tell me about your own National Days experiences? Does your country celebrate it to the max? Do you do special things on that day? I’ll be glad to hear you out!

And nooow 5 special thougts that crossed my mind or happened to me since last random post *.* :

• I always get super excited before opening one advent calendar case… I’m hopeless!

• Today I’m going iceskating – it gives even more the Christmas spirit

• We did our Christmas tree yesterday (and despite it being decorated in white and gold,  I still feel the lack of red, but no one is okay with that #frustration)

• If your bank calls you for a suspicious afford, which is yours as you were buying a book online, but they still decide to change your card because, you know, it might not be you – even though you’re clearly sure it IS… the question that remains is, are you really you?

Thaaat’s it for today! See you on the 6th of December for some critical post my lil’pies,

Loads of lil’kisses from a


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