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Heyaa lil’pies!

As today’s Saturday, I’m here to criticise a bit! Either positively, either negatively, or even pretty neutrally! Well, I don’t believe someone can actually have a neutral opinion, there will always be a hint of a judgement. That’s philosophically proven… Or so we’re taught.

As for today’s critic, it will be on the last Hunger Games movie! I know, I know, it’s out since FOREVER but I got to see it yesterday only. But hey. I finally saw it! And that’s oh so comforting.

First, I have to admit that… I still haven’t read the third Hunger Games book. I know, this is really lame coming from someone who values books just that much. But I had a strange scheme going on for the Hunger Games which I hopelessly failed at pursuing. The thing is, I originally read the first book when it came out, got excited, waited, saw the first movie. Only after that did I read the second book. And then saw the second movie. Always slightly before it came out, but long enough to forget a little and not be too deceived by the movie (because we have to admit that movies can never really match the books (and if examples are needed let me SHOUT Harry Potter pretty please)). However, despite knowing that Hunger Games 3.1 was out in theatre on the 21st of November, I completely forgot to read the book beforehand… Therefore for the first time ever I went to see an adaptation without having read the book beforehand.

Thus means I did not have a SINGLE idea what was going to happen (because, you know, I’m such a pro at escaping from the internet’s spoilers) and one of the friends with whom I went looked at me during the whole movie thinking something like are you kidding me. URGH. Sorry for being such a horrible fan, I know, I know okay. It haunts me too much already. No need to push the dagger further in. (but well, don’t freak out lil’pies, I’ve got the books on my bed sheets now, ready to be read this time!)

However I have to admit it was pretty interesting to actually discover the movie and the plot. I wonder… if I would have read it beforehand, would I have liked it as much? I doubt so!

Because YES I friggin’ loved it.

Lots of my acquaintances and friends were telling me it was actually a bore, that nothing happened in that movie, that it was completely useless and, dang, we just want the big final battle to happen please… But I really, really, reaaaaally don’t think that way. I’m going to try as much as possible not to spoil because I really do know how horrible spoilers are, so I’m just going to say that it definitely got me super duper duper hyped up.

I mean. At first, I really wanted to slap Katniss. Really hard. Because, okay, she has been a lot hurt, Peeta’s at the Capitol, but she’s not the only one suffering – and it’s really easy to be in the spectator’s seat and just criticize every one who dares to be human in a movie. But well, Katniss really ended up being Katniss, the girl on fire soon enough, and my irritation faded.

To those who criticize this movie because they find it a bore, actionless… I really can’t see HOW. Okay, there’s no big enormous battle. There’s no main characters’ disappearance. But there are LOADS of things happening. It’s a movie that definitely goes to your feels. I freaked out during the code red issue, I felt like killing the god damn cat myself at one point because of how much was risked because of it, I felt like destroying the Capitol by myself, I felt like crushing President Snow in half – or even in thousands of bits… So yeah, I really, really got into it.

I felt that despite the fact that it was not about action, about concluding things, the emotional aspect, the way they made the protagonists grow up was really well done. I liked how human they all sounded. I liked how Katniss has her moments of doubts, moments of being the girl on fire, moments of being a sister, a lover, a teenage girl lost in what is asked from her. I loved how Gale can be that guy in the middle trying to prove himself out. I loved how Effie is still here and rocking everything. I loved Haymitch because, you know, Haymitch.

Therefore, I really think that this movie was important for the coming one. I will have read the book before the last part goes out, hopefully, but I believe that this first part was important to show that the three main characters were growing up, were becoming adults, that they were facing things, that they were gradually putting in place the big final revolution. Because you can’t finish the games, stand up and be like “okay now let’s kill everybody and put democracy back into place.” There has to be a transition period. And that was the one. But, well, /spoiler alert/ a hospital blowing up, an aerial attack, the friggin stairs/cat affair, the district 12 ruins’ visit, Gale talking about what happened.../spoiler alert/ Or even the rebellious acts, they really got me laughing at the Capitol’s face or hiding my own eyes in fear of what would happen. Even though we know that everybody’s going to survive because there is a part 2 coming. That’s what I loved about this movie.

I feared, I laughed, I got goosebumps, I actually shouted in the theatre (poor people near me) – I got to feel things while watching it, and that’s really what gets me the best in a movie. So, yes, I really did enjoy the Hunger Games 3.1. I enjoyed quite a lot even.

But I have to admit that the end was rubbish. I think they did not cut it where they should have. There’s a particular scene at the end where the screen goes black and you think it’s the end (and where I shouted a “c’est quoi cette merde!”, which is a impolite sentence in French I won’t translate to appear particularly polite in here, yes sir) but right after that the scene goes on and they lose their cliffhanger. It would have been real dope if they had ended the movie here. The fact that they continued, it made us lose all the high-spirit we had gained during the particular scene, we tried to wait for something else coming that would give us chills and would make us want for the next movie asap but… the closing scene really disappointed me. (/spoiler alert/ I definitely want the movie to end up when Peeta attacks Katniss. It would have been perfect. Aren’t I right? /spoiler alert/)

So, there. Here are my thoughts on the Hunger Games movie! All in all, I really tried to avoid speaking about particular scene as I did not want to let some spoilers slip, but to conclude all of this, let’s just say I really, really dang loved it, maybe due to the fact that I didn’t have a single idea what was going to happen, which is great once in a while, and that the end disappointed me… But, well, I still can’t wait to see what’s going to happen now. My book is going to tell me very, very soon anyway ♫

And because this song has been ringing in my ears endlessly since I saw the movie, here’s a peek of one song of the OST :

As some may know, it is sang by Jennifer Lawrence herself and well, how more perfect can she get now? Yes, def a girl crush.

Here for today, I’ll conclude with a little thought for Philip Seymour Hoffman who died on Feb the 2nd of 2014 – they wrote a phrase for him at the beginning of the ending generic. If you haven’t seen it, go and watch Capote as it is truly a masterpiece.

Well now, thank you for reading and please do give me your thoughts on the Hunger Games movie either on the comments section below or on my Facebook and Twitter account. I’ll be glad to hear you out and discuss about that movie. Even if you hated it – it’s ten times more funny, yup yup. See you on the 8th for a random post ♥

There, loads of lil’kisses from a


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