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Christmas Is Coming

the random postHeyaaa lil’pies! As today’s Monday, here we go for a little random post. Sorry today is REALLY going to be completely random. Just a peek in my week’s life…

And what could have possibly happened, can you ask? Well, to be completely honest, nothing much. But. I started my Christmas gifts and postcards preparation! That is a long, long work, my dears.

We have a kind of tradition on one of my community, where we make a list of ten wishes going from the simple “I would like a Christmas email” to unrealistic ones such as “I wish for Santa’s elfs to buy me a car” passing by more realistic ones like “A homemade bracelet”. Those are some kind of things that are asked, and then, every ones chose from the list posted and send whatever they want to whoever they want. It’s really one of my favorite period of all time ♥ You get to receive some over cute thingies.

Just look at what I received last year. Isn’t that one of the CUTEST thing you’ve ever seen?

cutest unicorn ever
Cutest Unicorn Ever ♥

Soooo there, I decided I was going to give it a try again this year and I FINALLY started the letters and the packages this weekend. I can’t really show everything I’ve done, but I’ve got some 10 letters written and some little jewelry, and some little drawings, and so oooon. It’s not much but hey, it’s done with loads loads of love (and glitter all over.) It also was VERY messy.

Christmas Postcard writing ♥

For the occasion, I bought super duper cute little glitter pen at Paperchase. If anyone knows this shop, well… We must admit it’s pretty much amazing. Everything is so, so, so duper cute there! But, well, it’s also a little costly and I could only watch lovingly and dreamingly their new Christmas collection, with fabulous bloc-notes with snowman on it, with Rudolph and with Santa and with loads of absolute total cute things. But anyway, here are the glitter pen:

glitter pens
Glitter PaperChase Pens

So yup, armed with those cute pens, loads of green paper, blank paper and super marvelous GLITTERS (either pink, yellow, green, even red ones o/) I started to write and decorate my Christmas postcards. I’m far from being great at this confection thing, but I really really do enjoy making it as nothing can get you more into the Christmas spirit than this. Aren’t I right?

Well. Except the tree making-of. This is just THE mega cult. Right?

This year, we went with a white and gold Christmas tree, and I believe it is super awesomely cute. But as I passed HOURS making it, I believe all I can say is that he is awesome. I’d probably kill myself if I didn’t like it after all this time arguing with my sister about which colors to put on, which colors to not put on, which balls to put, which not to, et caetera et caetera. It was a long and fastidious process but the joy I have every day when walking in my living room and seeing my fabulous Christmas Tree erase every pain that I could have felt while making it. And well, maybe the fact that it might be my last Christmas with my family before one or two years do get my feels going high, right? (As some may know, I’m in my senior year in Dubai, therefore I’ll be leaving by the end of june 2015 for a new adventure, somewhere in France or in the UK maybe… and that 6000km away from my family or such, let’s say its quite a lot. and yes I’m already depressed about this, haha!)

christmas tree
Here’s a peek at my Christmas Tree o/

What about yours? What color is it? Blue and silver? Red and gold? Maybe even purple and gold, why not? Comment below and tell me a bit about your Christmas Tree, and all your Christmas tradition! I believe I don’t have many much more tradition that the Christmas Tree making-of and, well, all the postcards writing. Is there anything particular you’re doing, lil’pies, for Christmas?

Sorry lil’pies this blog issue is REALLY random for once. Next monday, I’ll come with a brand new recipe to bake some Christmas Sablés ♥ Keep posted!

And to end this blog post, here are some thoughts that crossed my mind since last monday!

♦ CONNOR FRANTA CAME OUT AND I’M SO PROUD OF THIS GUY. It’s men like him that make the society move and accept everyone in it and he is SO inspiring and I really got some love going on for him right now. Like big one. Every single person on earth should behave like he his, be who he is, and that’s all. Be yourself, lil’pies.

♦ My faith in humanity has been restored a little thanks to the #illridewithyou hashtag trending after the Sydney thing going on. My thoughts are with Sydney’s people too.

♦ I have that terrible week happening right now, with loads of exams, essays due and literally no time whatsoever to accomplish anything at all. So I’m here procrastinating again, because I’m The Procrastinating Queen, yes please.


writing contest
December’s Writing Contest!!

Well now, I think that is all for today. Once again, one pretty random blog issue but HEY, it’s Christmas, Christmas is Coming, and I’m getting into the Christmas Spirit and sharing that with you! Do share your Christmas Spirit too in the comments section below or on Twitter and Facebook – let’s spread Christmas Love, everyone. Well then, I’ll see you on Tuesday’s with a literary related post on… FANFICTION. Keep posted! Until then, farewell and…

Loads of lil’kisses from a



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