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Heyaa lil’pies! Hope you’re all doing fine as Christmas is approachiiing ♥ I’m super over excited right now, and I’ll be for the next week (and until NYE, actually) so bare with me and my too-much-excited-self. Today’s critic blog issue won’t be as long as those before, but hopefully you will like this critic of Little Game produced, written, and performed by: Ben J. Pierce (well, Benny).

All in all, in this blog issue, I’ll discuss slightly about why talking about this video today, why it had an impact on me and, well, why this song, what is its message, why do I keep listening to it?

As some may know, this video went out about two months ago – however, I decided to talk a bit about it today as I’ve just seen that Emma Watson has been elected feminist celebrity of the year. To see this news, that got me super excited as Emma Watson surely deserves that spot (I mean, have you seen, heard and repeated a billion time her UN Speech? I was concretely amazed and moved!), well to see this made me wonder what else I had seen or discovered this year talking about this gender equality matter?

And I immediately thought of Benny’s Little Game song.

I discovered this song a few time after it went out and I immediately liked it. It’s usually not the type at all that I listen to, but well. I guess it made it job as I actually listen to it quite a lot since I’ve discovered it.

But, hey, what has gotten my attention?

Strange, maybe, but I actually really like the rhythm of this song, as it is a little slow, but energized at some times, quite a good pop song all in all. It is the kind of song that gets stuck in your head for sooooo long. Just like Jennifer Lawrence cover’s of “Hanging Tree”. I had Are you, are you, coming to the tree for ages in my mind. Well it’s actually the same with Benny‘s song as his “Hush girl, hush boy” are really stuck hard.

Play us like pawns and relentlessly confine,
Into living up to gender roles and having absent minds
Don’t you think it’s funny how they tell us how to live?
Don’t you think it’s funny how we’re all delinquent kids?
Like, hush now, don’t say, don’t say

Moreover, I believe this song treats the gender equality matter in a very ingenious way and a very effective way, in fact. The videoclip is very artsy, declined in tones of blues and pinks… Well, obviously, as it is about gender equality. But, well, I believe it’s well done. To see a fifteen years old boy react to gender role and equality in such an intelligent well could only make me like this song, after all.

I most personally liked the video clip, as I believe the plot and the art are very impressive, stay in the mind and definitely fulfill its role as it did make me think. The idea with each boys and girls following the rules the society puts on them, with the odd one trying to find his own path and being threw to the floor because, well, he is not the same as others, is a really great idea that immediately gives the tone of the song. It puts all stereotypes on the table and plays with it in an intelligent way, as it breaks them down one by one cause, no, girls don’t have to only put on make up, stay still and cute. They can read. Just like guys can go for pink, dolls, cooking. IT DOES NOT MEAN A THING. Since when do colors run our lives?  I was also touched by the moment in the video clip where these two odd children end up in the zone where every girls and boys like them ended up – because they are not the only ones, despite society making them feel like they are. And when, with just these two ones, the revolution started, their spirits were lifted and everybody tried to say what they felt. What they love. What they want to wear, play, learn. It got me, really. I knew I would worship this song and its message.

Sometimes, all you need is one voice for things to change.  

If it’s two persons, it’s even better. If it’s a woman and a man, it’s even even better. Two people can do a thing twice as much as one on its own can do. So, well. I believe Benny’s song shows that very well. It has an inspiring feeling which left me thinking and thinking and knowing deep inside that I wanted things to change. 

It would be really, really great if that song could touch people just like it did on me. Imagine, one by one, every single person on this earth being talked about the gender equality. Won’t that matter dissolve, in the end? I hope so.

That is why, even though it is not really the type of song I usually listen to, I was sympathetic to the matter it discusses and thought it was really well put in place, well sang, well directed and organized. Therefore, it is indeed one of my top likes of this month.

That is all lil’pies, sorry this blog issue is not as long as it could have been, but I’m not a music expert and I kind of end up wordless when trying to discuss what I liked about the rhythm and suck. I’m a weirdo, right right. Well then, I hope you liked this little critic post, and that it made you appreciate this song a little bit. Don’t forget you can actually buy it on Itunes here if you did!  Do give me your thoughts on this song, on its message! And, most of all, is there a one song that changed your 2014 year? One that stuck with you? Do tell me, either on the comment section below or on my Facebook/Twitter account ♥

Well, then, here we go, I must depart – but I’ll be back on monday 22nd with a little random life post (with a Baking With Lil’Gladys issue! Keep posted!). Until then, farewell, be well, love always,

Loads of lil’kisses from a



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