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Baking with Lil’Gladys n#2 | Christmas Sablés

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Heyaaa lil’pies!

I’m little late but… I’m still here o/ For today’s monday’s random post, I decided to do a little Bake with Lil’Gladys #2! You can find the first opus over here, where I did some sort-of little cupcakes! As we are approaching Christmas (there’s only one day left before Christmas Eve’s ♥!), I tried to do some Christmas-y little Sablés, so here we gooo! (It’s actually pretty much Christmas Cookies, but I’m giving a French touch here, ya see?)


Ingredients for 12-15 sablés

500g of white flour

300g of butter

300g of sugar

2 eggs

1 pinch of salt

christmas cookies sablés
Christmas Sablés ♥

The making-of

Crack the egg in a bowl and whisk them. Add the sugar and mix well. You should end up with a slight whitish mix, looking a bit like this:

mix recipe
Mix Stage 1 (sorry for the sloppy quality)

After that, you will need to pour this mix in the flour, in one single time. Add the pinch of salt. Mix until you end up with a little sandy texture as it all melts together.

butter mix
Add butter to the sandy mix

When this texture is obtained, you will have to add up the butter. You mustn’t use a whisk, as it definitely won’t be easy to manipulate, however I suggest using either a wooden spatula or… doing it with your own ten fingers. May seem a little savage-like or childlike, but it’s definitely more effective, as you get to manipulate and form the mix just like it should. This is how it should look like, at the end, by the way :

cookies dough
Well done dough

Just a round shaped dough, which you’ll have to spread on a counter, or whatever, to form your little sablés’ shapes! As I did those sablés quite suddenly, I did not have ANY shaping thingies at home, so I simply printed out some Christmas Tree and Gingerbread man drawings. I used those to cut the shape of the dough but it actually took me AGES. So I definitely suggest you buy some shaping things, as it must definitely be easier. At least, I’m sooo gonna buy some, now. (Honestly, it took me soooo long I can’t actually believe it. It may also be because I’m really taking a lot of time while baking. But, well. Insanely long.)

shaping christmas tree dough
Printouts of shaping Christmas Tree and Gingerbread Man

Well then, when that was done, I topped my little sablés with Apricot Jam. It’s quite unusual, but I hate to break an egg and use half of it only to make my little cookies shine and never use the rest, so I prefer to go for a bit of Apricot Jam, which I really only use to make the pasty shine just a bit.

sables cookies oven
Sablés in the oven ♥

When all ready, put in the oven for about 15-20 minutes at 180C. I usually add a little minute or too with the top grill turned on, so it grill on the top only, adding a shine and brownish color to the cookies (when I actually don’t forget them in the oven for 5 or more, and they end up completely burnt. But, well. Can’t be perfect).

When all of these are done, my little Sablés are readyyyy. I can now either decorate them (which I did not do, as I do not have anything at home to decorate cookies, ugh) or… *wait for it* EAT THEM. Yess, after all this effort, you can now savor these little sablés ♥ Hopefully you’ll like them, I reaaally adore this recipe as it has a delicious taste.

One thing I also try, which I did not this time but I usually do, is to shape one sablé, spread rasperry jam and then cover it with another shaped-dough and I reunite the two biscuits. You then have Gingerbread Man, Christmas Trees or simple round sablés filled with Raspberry Jam, and it definitely is one of the GREATEST thing ever. Literally.

baked cookies
Look at theyse cuties ♥

Before leaving you, here we go for some random facts that crossed my mind or happened in my life since my latest random post issue:

♥ MARCUS BUTLER was in Dubai/Abu Dhabi these last few days and asadfghjk it is SO frustrating knowing that he was *THAT* close to you and still so far away. *sigh*  It’s sad being a fan.

♥ Christmas is comiiiiiiiiing. I definitely CAN’T wait to be the 24th and 25th. It’s going to be so great. Is yours going to be nice too? I hope so!

♥ I bought my sister her Christmas present today… I won’t tell what it is on this blog issue as I believe she will read this (hello lovely sis reading these words ♥) but I’m soooo fond of it. I’ll definitely do a random post chit chatting about Christmas presents and such.

♥ I desperately searched for an ugly Christmas jumper these last few days in Dubai, but I CAN’T seem to find a single one. It’s so frustrating. I keep on telling my mum that a Christmas jumper will be one of the first thing I’ll buy when living in a cold cold European country next year maybe. Yup. (Cold cold for me is something like 10-15C. Beneath would be like living in a real world macro size refrigerator. Horrible. (I’m actually really cold right now and it’s 19C only. Oups.) #DubaiEffect)

♥ Most of my friends are heading back to France for Christmas Holidays. I don’t know if I’m more frustrated as I do not have the chance to see snow, rain and Christmas-y things like that, or if I’m actually happy and relieved by thinking that I could actually go to the beach tomorrow and feel just a bit too fresh. #dilemma Are you more for hot or cold Christmas?

That’s all for today! Hope you liked this little Bake with Gladys! If you try out this recipe, do share your thoughts and why not even a photo of your little Christmas-y baking in the comment section below or either on Twitter and Facebook? I’ll hopefully be back with a new blog issue on Thursday 25th of December, on a literary related matter, but if I get to busy with Christmas-y celebrations, I might not find the time… Therefore, be assured, you will have this little post on Saturday 27th as well as a critic post.

Until then, I wish you a merry, merry, merry Christmas. Eat well, dream well, laugh a lot and be with people you love (it can be on your own if you love yourself, never mind.) I love every one of you loads ♥

Loads of lil’kisses from a



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