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Falling in love with Dolphins | Oman Trip

random post

Heyaa lil’pies!

Here we go, a little late but that’s alright as love is spreading in the air, for a random post! Today I’ll do some random talking and share a little something about my trip to Oman on the 29th of December where I enjoyed the sea and some dolphins!

oman trip

First of all, I hope you loads had a magnificent Christmas and that you’re getting prepared for some nice NYE party or comfy-home-staying ♥

Second of all, I must say how sorry I am for my lack of blog issues and for not being pretty active on this blog for the last few days. I’ve been enjoying some keen Christmas time with friends and family, and it was really great to back off from the Internet a little and just enjoy playing games, discussing with everyone, laughing a bit and getting hyped up with fabulously lovely little kiddos. Moreover, I was at my parents’ friends’ house from the 23 to the 27th without my computer, so I had no opportunity whatsoever to blog or even a little tiny minutes away from 4 and 5 y.o. monsters to write the beginning of an article on my phone. And well, yesterday, I definitely could not update anything as I was away from home from 5 am until 22 pm, ant let’s say I was pretty damn too much tired to write anything at all. My mind was absolute blank and all I could do was read until midnight.

Because YES I had to wake up at 5 am and it was absolutely terrible. I had a disastrous insomnia that particular night, so I went to bed around 3:45, 4 am, so let’s say I didn’t get much sleep. But, well. We departed from Dubai to Oman around 6:30 am, and I enjoyed one hour and a half of car riding to the frontier by sleeping profoundly in the back of the car with Happy Little Pill by Troye Sivan playing repeatedly in my ears. That was still not enough sleep, but that had to be enough.

khasab oman map
Map of the Arabic Gulf so you can see a bit of where I was

Around 9:45, 10 am we arrived to the port where a superb ancient boat was waiting for us, and we quickly left the ground for the magnificent sea above us. From that time to 4:30, I was on a boat, in the middle of the sea, somewhere by the Strait of Hormuz, and it was a delicious blissful time. As words are pale in comparison to photos to describe how perfect and wonderful it was, here’s a little video showing up how magnificent that trip happened to be (despite waking sooo damn early).

Sorry some dolphins photos are not that great but despite my camera being on continuous mode, it was pretty much impossible to have a decent shot of those creatures. God knows they swim fast. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this little video, sorry I was not able to appropriately vlog, however I’ll try to do that next time!

I don’t think I will post anything other than random blog issue until next year… but I’ll probably have a little critic post on Saturday, if I find the time to. Sorry this is a bit hectic but I’m trying my best, do bare with me, and send me much love.

I hope you loads will enjoy tomorrow’s NYE, and I wish you all the freaking best for 2015 ♥ Do tell me in the comment section below or on Twitter and Facebook what are your plans for tomorrow and if you have any particular resolutions for 2015!

Loads of kisses from a



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