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15 GOALS FOR 2015

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Heyaaa lil’pies!
As I told you in the latest blog issue, I am going to post some random issue for a little while, about a week or two, as I am terribly organised and need a bit of time to clear some things out. That said, let’s go to the main point.


Yes ya all, that’s my first issue of the year, and thus I can only wish you all the best. May your dream come true, may your health stay still, may your life get better each day and day. I really hope that 2015 will be the best year yet. (Because 2016 definitely will have to be even better.)

As comes the new year, come what people love to do: resolutions. I have none. I believe resolutions are made to give ourselves a good conscience but we don’t actually do anything at all to make them true. Well, at least, I don’t. Because I kind of forget them all the day after. I must be some kind of redfish, damn. Anyway, you’re may be hundreds time better than me at resolutions. I hope so, as I honestly don’t think it could be anymore below what I do. Honestly.

However, if I don’t have resolutions, I do indeed have GOALS. And WANTS.

And today, I am going to make a super secret oath with you, that by writing them below makes them to be fulfilled. To be clear, let’s motivate each other, as I hope you’ll share your 2015’s goals too, and we will be able to fulfill every and each single one of them one by one. Cause 2015. Right?

Soooo, here we go.

New Year Goals
15 GOALS for 2015

As you may know, I’m an amateur writer, scribbling fanfiction here and there, writing some other original piece of work every now and then, but it definitely ain’t regular nor productive enough. I NEED TO WRITE. A LOT.

Because I love reading and I don’t take enough time to do so. Here’s a little peek at my goal.

As I’ll be a freshman starting next September, I’ll get loads of opportunity to be part of association, movements and such, and I am determined to take those opportunités to their fullest. #2015WillBeActive

My forever ever dream. I have an original work done, all I need is correct, correct and proofread it forever and ever. Let’s hope I can achieve that this year.

For self satisfaction, for my parents’ happiness, I’m targeting some great grades for my final exam. As some may know, I’m in the French system, therefore I’ll be passing the French Baccalaureate this June. Hopefully I’ll do great. And with that comes my sixth goal…

Because now’s the time when I have to chose what studies I want to pursue, what uni I am going to go to, what city I am going to live in, and all those first important choices of my life. And I need to be happy with them.

I’m thinking that by this blog six month anniversary, I’ll try and start a youtube channel, while pursuing my blog. It would give it another reach, another way to have fun and express myself. I’d love that so much.

I don’t use my beautiful Canon enough, and that has to change. Therefore, I have to take at least one shoot per day. Be it either nature, my sister, my room, random paper, the sky, my face. And I’ll upload them somewhere. Maybe here.

It’s a day after day scheme, a long, harassing journey for us to be. And I decided to bring this journey, for this year, to the girly side. Learning how to do some makeup tricks, buying some pretty dress, skirts, jeans. Taking care of myself. That should be goal n#1, honestly.

Here my teachers are sobbing, my parents’ are rolling their eyes out of their head, but seriously, I’m a Procrastination Queen and that has to be that way forever. I do everything last minute, and it works. So, then, why not continue? (As I said to my friend on NYE, I do things that people do during weeks in 5 hours before due date. That gotta be legendary. Right?)

I’m a bit of an asocial, not liking anyone, liking an evening rolled up in my couch with food and loads of movie more than a night out with people, let alone unknown people. But, well. Even though being alone is great, being with people is great too, and we all should have friends we love, see, and talk too. Oh, and Skype counts. I need to skype much, much, much more. (or else some friends are going to hate me forever, tbh.)

I love travelling. I love discovering new places. New areas. New landscapes. I should definitely keep my money aside so I can travel somewhere by December ’15. Maybe United Kingdom. Or Spain. Or USA. Could be fun. Has to be true.

#13 LOVE
This is more a want than a goal. But let’s admit it. It would be great for this year 2015 to be fulfilled with love. Right?

Because there are too many moments when we all feel so down, so doomed, so sad. And I only want to reduce them to the minus. Hey. It’s a new year, a new start. Happiness has to spread.

#15 BLOG
Last but not least. I thereby promise, oath, vow, and all other verbs, that I will definitely keep that blog up. I hope that by the 3rd of January 2016, it will still be up, updated, lively and followed by load of you lil’pies. My goal for this year is to reach 30,000 views by the end of December. Can we get there? Can we make this blog work? I can’t do this alone. This isn’t an I. This is a We.

And that’s all for my 15 GOALS OF 2015. What are yours? Do you have some? If not, what about making some and sharing with me? Either in the comment section below, on Twitter, Facebook… anywhere! I’d glady hear you out.

Share this post if you’re full of hope for 2015 too… and I’ll see you very very soon with another blog issue!

Loads of lil’kisses from a


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