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literary subjectHeyaaa lil’pies!

It’s absolutely terrible how my post schedule is not regular AT ALL. But well. I guess this is a part of me. I suck at being organised. Or at reading as much as I would love to. And that’s why I’m hoping to fulfill the 2015 READING CHALLENGE.

Some of you may have seen it trending on Facebook or any other social networks, and I’ve just discovered it today. I believe it is a very wonderful opportunity to read a lot more than I used to, and to read from diversified authors, genres, and such. Exactly what I needed, all in all.

Because, yes, despite my absolute love for reading and books, I found myself reading less and less each year. That’s a terrible statement. How can someone like me, who used to devour each books that fell into my hands, read less than two books a month? I don’t know how I ended up like that. It kind of depress me. Feels like something is missing. I bet it happened to a lot of you. Just like you don’t make enough youtube videos. Not as much as you wanted too. Just like you don’t take enough photographs, you don’t draw enough, you don’t run enough, you don’t dance enough. It used to be a passion.

I used to have a pile of books, and read them in less than a month. What happened?

I decided to change that. One of my goals of 2015, as you can see it there.

Therefore, if you want to join me in that 2015 READING CHALLENGE all you have to do is complete the list, and share each tick in the comments below. Let’s use that section, my facebook page and twitter account to encourage one another, to make us fulfill this goal.


Reading is important. It is primordial. It opens your imagination, helps your mind grow, helps your vocabulary extend. Reading made me discover Harry Potter, which helped me in the darkest of time. Reading made me write. Writing is now an essential part of me. Reading made me felt comfortable and at peace when no one else was there.

Books have been an escape. A beautiful, blissful escape. Maybe that, because my life is more fulfilled right now, I do not have the same need to escape into reading. Maybe my life is satisfying as it is, and I don’t need to escape throughout Potter’s life. Maybe.

However, I miss it. I miss it loads. Maybe I should get despaired again to regain that liking of books? Oh, no. I’m wrong. I don’t hate reading, now. I love it. I adore it. I can’t live without it. I love touching the pages, I love staying up late to read. I still do that, a lot. I can start a book and finish it in the same night, if I can. If it gets me. Only if it gets me. But too many do, these times. And this has to change.

Who’s with me?

2015 reading challenge
Are you ready to fulfill them all? 😀

I hope you all are fully motivated, as I expect this challenge to be social, collective and lively. Right? Lots of high hopes in there!

Until next time,

loads of lil’kisses from a


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