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Beginning of a New

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Heyaa lil’pies!

Hope you’re all having a marvelous sunday – and for those going back to class tomorrow, I give you all my strength as I’ve just lived that going-back-to-class-moment today. God knows those holidays flew by. Well, after passing the new year, and making some goals for it, there were only a few days left to enjoy, after all. As I told you in one of my last blog issue, I am taking some time sorting some things out.

Things about the blog.

Things about my life.

Things, random things. Too many things.

My mind is loaded and it can get pretty hard sometimes. Thankfully, you’re all there so I can chitchat a bit too much. However, let’s not spread my life and stories and babbling too much. Today’s short blog post will be about reorganizing the blog.

First, I’ve updated the layout of my blog for a fresh new start. Hopefully you’ll like it! Give me your thoughts!

Second, I’ve come up with a new publication scheme. Let’s hear that.

As I’m in my final year of high school, I don’t have time to keep up with the programmed three-posts-a-week… However, I love blogging more than anything (well, almost!), and I definitely can’t stop that. Therefore, I’ve decided, for these few coming months (or maybe even forever, we will see how that will work up), to organize my postings differently.

Each tuesday I will post a long post, either a book critic, movie critic or a rock-critic but it might also be a literary related post. This will be the important post of the week, the one a little more elevated, with more deep analysis and such.

However, I will keep on posting at least two random posts a weekEither on my life, either on things that crossed my mind, either on deep philosophical subjects, either on my new make up trick, my new acquisitions. Random posts. You also have to know that I am participating to the 21 Day Blogging Challenge which means I will be updating quite frequently for this month. Keep up with me, alrighty?

Moreover, once a month, I will try something new. A little bonus. It could take the form of a youtube videoan interview, short story. Anything. Something different, something refreshing, giving this blog a little up, a little surprise. (You’re interested for an interview? For a collab? I’m waiting for you with a large smile! All you have to do is email me at littleunicorngladys@gmail.com!) 

How’s that for you? I hope this new posting schedule will please you, I’ll try my best to follow it at the must. Their might be some hics during exams week but I’ll definitely tell you before and try to be as punctual as one can be!

Moreover, as you my have seen in my latest blog issue, I have a very determined objective for this blog, and I hope to gain by 30,000 views per month by the end of December 2015. Is that possible? Will you help me make that possible? I really hope that together, with your enthusiasm and mine, with your ideas and mine, we can help this little blog grow a little, just a little bigger.

With these beautiful thoughts, I leave you for today – sorry for the sloppy post, but I thought it was necessary to stop a little on the new schedule, on our new routine, for this blog new fresh start. ♥ Until next post,

Loads of lil’kisses from a



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