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Santa’s been a cutie | 2014 Christmas Gifts

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Heyaa lil’pies! How are you all on this sunday? Hope you’re all fine, and that you’ve survived though this first day of work, school or whatev you’ve been under. To cheer you up in this gloomy day (cause, please, it’s monday. There’s no day worse than monday. Despite Connor.) I’ve decided to bring you back to those cute and peaceful and joyful moments of Christmas… by sharing a bit of what Santa Claus brought me for Christmas!

christmas gifts

I’ve been pretty well treated this Christmas, and I’m over glad, over joyed, and thought I should give you a little of my opinions on each gifts I received ♥


bracelet necklace earrings

This is a Nine West ensemble, from the Vintage America Collection. There are little suns engraved on the circles, which gives quite of an esoteric style, and I definitely love it. The necklace can either be wore long, or in a double-lap, so you can accord it to your tops, to your décolletés, so it’s pretty practical. Moreover, I’m in love with everything that is silver, (you can actually see only that on my wrists and hands) so this bracelet just joins perfectly the bracelets already on my wrist. Moreover, as I’m a bit sensible to the ears, the earrings are really light and easy to wear, so it’s all good. There, a total love for this little ensemble.

the best of sephora

As you can guess, this is a make up special christmas gift box by Sephora. I was terribly lacking of basic make up, and this box just delivered it all perfectly, in my most loved tone: red.

the best of sephora make upe

We can’t see super well, sorry for that, but here are each references:

Blush, grenat lumière romantic rose N#10 
Eye shadow, Be on the A-list N#49, Nacré|Shimmer
Mascara, Outrageous volume : dramatic volume mascara
Eye pencil, Contour eye pencil 12HR wear, waterproof, #01 Black lace – Mat
Lip liner, Universal lip liner, waterproof, #01 Clear
Lipstick, Sephora Rouge 4097B R04, The Red
Nail polish, Nail lacquer 5 day shine, L42 

I really love them all, they’re super effective, last well… It’s a favorite! And big up for the red lipstick which is absolutely marvelous.

brush case
I’ve also had this marvelous little brush case, also from Sephora. There were 4 brushes included and they’re pretty great. It’s a must to have this little case to take everywhere you go… life changing, I must say!


kobo touch paperchase cover

This is the loveliest gift ever, life changing gift, wonderful gift I’ve gotten for Christmas this year! It’s a white Kobo Touch. The cover comes from Paperchase, which is one of my favorite stationery store ever. Kind of costly but God it’s cute ♥ anyway, the Kobo! It’s really is a wonderful invention. I love reading on it. Well, of course, it is not like having a real book with its pages and such… but it’s pretty close. And the advantage is that I’ve already uploaded up to 117 books, pdf, epubs and such on it, that I can take with me wherever I go! Difficult to have 117 books in your bag for real, isn’t it? So, yep, with that, I have definite hope to fulfill my 2015 Reading Challenge. I don’t have anymore excuses, do I?


accessorize scarf scrapbook pocket

Here we have three cute items my sister actually bought me (this cutie lil’pie!) and each three are from Accessorize. The notebook is actually a scrapbook, where she told me I have to keep clear of everything until September next year, and then I’ll have to write every thing that I’m doing, photos and souvenirs from my first time away from her, so that we can read it back together after then… A sister sharing thing, all in all. I thought that was the absolute cutest thing ever, to be honest. I love her, ugh. The little pocket has cats on it, that are absolutely over cute and a little printed “feeling lucky” saying in the middle… Well, I sure feel so! The third item is a scarf, going on the purple/dark red/brownish color. It’s comfy to the max, keeps hot and I wear it every time I can ♥

Soooo, here we go. That is all I’ve got for Christmas – how well treated I have been, right? Well, until one, each and every single one of those are definitely favorites to the max! What about your Christmas gifts? What about sharing in the comment section below? I’m waiting for it 😉

Keep posted for a new blog issue in the few coming minutes! ♥

Loads of lil’kisses from a


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