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What to do with your life? | Existential thoughts & Olaf making-of

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Heyaa lil’pies! I’m bombing you today with a second blog issue… with existential thoughts, this time. Well, let’s say I have a lot on my mind – and I know that, by this time of the year, the same questions are echoing in others’ mind too. So why not brainstorm together? Why not get depressed, refilled, depressed again and refilled up all together?

However, you might be asking yourselves, what could get me giving such existential thoughts on such a day? After all, Christmas and New Year are not so back yet, and I should be filled with joy and optimism. The thing is that, with New Year comes new decisions to make. This time, it’s not blog decisions. It’s not about when should I schedule this, or schedule that.

These decisions are about my life. What should I do with it? Where should I go? How should I live? Should I leave home? Stay here? Go far? Study this subject rather than that one?

What. Should. I. Do.

I bet loads of you are in the same situations right now – or at least, you’ve been through it. Maybe that’s what is waiting for you by next year. Let me tell you straight: knowing what to do with your life is a pain in the ass.

You’re barely eighteen, and you have to chose what your life is going to be made off. What country you will be living in. What studies your going to do, that will determine at least 50% of your coming life. You’re barely eighteen – and as says a trending pic on social networks, few months back, you had to ask to leave class to pee, and know you have to make the first big important decision of your life?


Well, sadly, it is not. In ten days, UCAS applications are done. In a few weeks, so are Canadian and American portals. In fifteen days, the French application system opens up. In less than two months, applications have to be done for schools such as Sciences Po, in France. It’s all happening now. It’s all happening too fast. And you have to know, six months before, eight months before, where you’re going to go, how you’re going to live. The UK? France? Staying where I am? So much possibilities for a confused mind.

I, personally, have much choice. I’ve kind of been checking all these things up for the past three years. I know loads about college, unis, applications and such. I help some of my friends, I help myself, I search here and there complimentary information, ideas, requirements. I’ve checked each websites so much time you can’t handle it. Honestly.

But that still can’t keep me from getting stressed out over it. Compared to loads of friends, I have an advantage. I know what I want to be in the future. I know what job I wanna do. I know, deep inside, rocks and all, what I wanna do when I get older since I’m fourteen or something. I know that I want to be a journalist. Alright. Great. That helps a lot. There are so. many. possibilities to get there. It’s uncountable.

And when I, knowing what I want to do, am left with dozens of possibilities and doubts, how can you, how can they handle that?

I really, really hate this time of the year – where, with your barely eighteen years old, you feel like you’re playing big times, and grown ups know that it’s not that much of a thing, but you just can’t get to admit that, and you have to stress over every little things. It’s sad, haunting, depressing.

AND SO. To cheer me up, as I was scrolling down every websites again, and wondering what the hell I were going to do, I decided to forget a bit about all of these… And ended up doing something so cheesy and cute it definitely lightened my mind up ♥

Remember my over cute advent calendar?

advent calendar

Well, it had a little surprise at its back, that I had still not done. I thought it definitely was the great time to do it!

Theeere. Isn’t that over over over cute? It definitely gives a more peaceful spirit, doesn’t it? Don’t we all love Olaf? If you do, share & comment this little blog issue!

Hopefully, you’re not in the same angst as I am and you’re peacefully enjoying whatever year/work you’re into. I hope that, truly. But well, I have to get through that to finally be a freshman and do studies that I love (but WHICH ones. Urgh.) Anyway, do leave a comment below if you’re struggling the same as I am, and loads of us out there are. If you’re past that, why not share some of your experiences, so we can all make the best choice that we can?

Until tomorrow,

Loads of lil’kisses from a


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