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I don’t have much to say, today. I’m still shocked, depressed. Sad. I never thought, never realize the world was so ugly. Never realize some people forget about liberty, freedom of expression. About freedom of all kinds.

Today something sad happened. 12 people were killed – because a little group, three people, thought they had to represent their religion by committing acts that no one asked for, that no one approves of.

They killed 12 journalists – whose only arms were their pencils, their ink, their ruler maybe. They dared speaking up. They dared being journalists and claiming their right to speak out.

They dared.

And people, three people killed them. Destructed them. Wanted them to disappear from our world, from our memories. But it failed. Yes, they’re dead – and may they rest in peace. But we won’t forget them. They’re made eternal. They will be remembered – dead for liberty.

It sadden me that such events happen. I want to be a journalist. I want to write about what is happening in the world. I want to speak out the truth. I want to say things without hiding facts, without managing each one’s thoughts and opinion. I want to express myself freely. I want that, in five years time, I can write whatever I want, whatever I think, whatever is happening without feeling threatened.

I want freedom to be.

And so, today, I am sad. I am thinking of those who died, and I want to cry.

However, I also feel full of love. I want people to use that situation, that moment, not to split up, not to hate each others, but to be as one, to spread respect, tolerance, acceptation. We have to unite, to not make any amalgams between three people & their thoughts & group and a religion. We have to stand up, and shout “Liberty!”. Just like they’re doing on Place de la République in Paris & over France.

Place de la République

Liberty, I’m writing your name.

Liberté, j’écris ton nom.

– Paul Éluard

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That’s all for today. Sorry, not a cheesy lovely post. But clearly does not feel like it. I’ll see you tomorrow with another issue, maybe. Until then, be safe – and speak up. Respectfully, lovingly, with tolerance.



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