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5 Films, 3 Books & 10 songs later…

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Heyaaa lil’pies!

Sorry for not posting anything since a little while now, but as I’ve said in my latest blog issue, I was going though a bit of a hard moment, shaken in my feelings and such, but I’m alright now, I’m hyped up, and that’s why I’m back on here! For today, I’ve decided to share with you a little list of books, films and music recommendations I sent to some of my friends for Christmas. You might feel inspired and want to read one of them for the Reading Challenge of 2015, right?

So, here we go for 5 movies recommendations, 3 books recommendations & 10 songs I’ve liked this year.

♦ Movies Recommendations ♦

The Maze Runner 

Synopsis (IMDB because I’m a lazy ass) : Thomas is deposited in a community of boys after his memory is erased, soon learning they’re all trapped in a maze that will require him to join forces with fellow “runners” for a shot at escape.

I saw this movie very recently, and it pleased her almost as much as it pleased me. Some are going to suffocate when reading that, but I almost find it better than the Hunger Games. It’s lively, active, there are links and bonds creating themselves between each characters, a bit of humor, a bit of action, a bit of violence – it is a real melting pot that really do mix well. And there’s one of my cuties Kaya Scodelario – so, well, it immediately gets hunds time better. I really appreciated all in all – and I’m not easily attached to movies of this genre so, yep, it is pretty good. A sequel is coming out in September 2015, and there are already three books which I have not read yet – they are on my list for the Reading challenge!

The Breakfast Club

Synopsis : Five high school students, all different stereotypes, meet in detention, where they pour their hearts out to each other, and discover how they have a lot more in common than they thought.
I started this movie during history class (yes, that’s not good!) and I did not have the volume up. I watched fifteen minutes or so, and asked myself what was that thing. The same day, back at home, I watched it again with the sound this time – and I fell in love. I could not get my eyes out of it. I found it really interesting – deep & light at the same time. It’s one of these movies quoted for being of the “teenage life” genre “high school life”, and it is – it shows different kind of people in schools that nothing bond together but who’ll all end up liking one another – or not. It can be seen as little cheesy, and maybe it is, but I’m particularly fond of it, and I really do love every single one of the characters. Shout out for the dancing scene – with you-know-what smoked, haha.

God Help the Girl

Synopsis : As Eve begins writing songs as a way to sort through some emotional problems, she meets James and Cassie, two musicians each at crossroads of their own.

I really loved this movie. I believed I already talked a bit about it on that blog, but I have to repeat myself.This movie is fresh, musically and in its theme. It’s a bit weird sometime, but the great kind of weird. Well, no, either you like, either you don’t. It’s really particular. But when you get in the spirit, it’s one hell of a movie. The OST is particulary amazing (and done by the group Belle & Sébastien – and the lead singer Stuart Murdoch is actually the screenplayer). It gives the smile, cheerfulness in the heart and mind, it’s really great. Moreover, the three main characters are really touching and their friendship, their bond is one of a kind – and I fell in love with it. It is also very interesting in the way it is filmed – the colors, the style, the different angle, I thought it really melt together well.  It’s a bit an ode to friendship, love, music, ambition, summer life and all that can be done during one. It’s really peaceful, light, deep as well, a bit weird – but most of all beautiful for the ears. All good. (But I still don’t like the ending.) (And asdfghjkl Hannah Murray and Emily Browning, please?) 

About Time

Synopsis : At the age of 21, Tim discovers he can travel in time and change what happens and has happened in his own life. His decision to make his world a better place by getting a girlfriend turns out not to be as easy as you might think.

My sister and parents were watching this movie in the living room – and even though I don’t really stop by to watch their movies, I did this time. And I did well, as this movie is particularly agreeable to watch. The plot is interesting – who never dreamt of going back in time? It gives an interesting thinking on some things such as accepting every acts/words you say, going in the past of not, understanding that every thing we do or say has an influence on our future life. Me writing this right now is a freaking huge deal in my upcoming life. Moreover, the main couple is absolute cuteness, you can’t not like them, they are SO overly adorable, and fun, and lovey-dovey but just enough. Not to the puke-it amount. Well there, pseudo philosophical, psychological, dramatic & romantic movie – and a great one to lean comfy in the sofa and become a vegetable in front of the TV.

Fight Club


Synopsis : An insomniac office worker looking for a way to change his life crosses paths with a devil-may-care soap maker and they form an underground fight club that evolves into something much, much more…

A known movie which took months to convince me to watch it, as the plot did not get my attention and neither did the title. But heck it’s great. The actors are dope, the screen-player is dope, therefore this movie is like super dope. Double dope. DopeDope. Well, all in all – awesome. I can’t say to much without spoiling it – but in the name of all Greek’s divinities, it is one hell of a movie. And after watching it, I could not speak for a good thirty minutes – because I was so damn shocked, overwhelmed and… overwhelmed. There’s no better word. The ending is beautiful, the actors are beautiful, the plot is beautiful, and I want to see it again, and again, and again. I love this movie more than ever.

♦ Books Recommendations ♦

The Circle Trilogy, 
Nora Roberts

Summary : A battle is brewing between the forces of good and evil, as Lilith, the most powerful vampire in the world, gathers her dark minions around her. The goddess Morrigan rises up to stop her–and with her, a circle of six.

I love that series. I read it some while ago, and re-read it this summer in a day, still completely fan. I love the characters, the plot, the writing style – moreover it’s Ireland-themed and I love all Celtic myths and this series is full of them, and full of divinities, and love stories, and battle stories, and honor, friendship, humor, death, sacrifice – it’s a long-time big like.

La Mécanique du Coeur (The Boy with the Cuckoo-Clock Heart)
by Mathias Malzieu

Summary : The book opens in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1874. Little Jack is born on the coldest day ever, which causes his heart to be frozen solid, requiring a replacement: the midwife, Docteur Madeleine, grafts a cuckoo clock to his heart of flesh and blood.

A book for a teen public, at the origin, I believe, but which is really really beautiful. It is poetic, melancholic – the type we read during spleen moments. I have an absolute love for this novel – I read it at least once every year. It has a fabulous plot, beautiful rhythms, beautiful adventures, the characters are awesome – you must give it a try. I read it in French so I don’t really know how it ended up in the translation, but I really hope they were able to preserve the delicate, romantic, melancholic feeling that I got out of it. For those interested, we can find an album Mathias Malzieu did of this book, as he’s actually a member of a French rock band named Dionysos. Here’s the full soundtrack :

There’s also a movie – however I don’t know if you can find it in English.. I think I saw it dubbed in Spanish on Youtube, but well. If you do understand French – or if not, the drawings in themselves are a reason to watch the movie. Heart out for this book and its universe.

Comment veux-tu que je tombe amoureux ? Je ne sais même pas ce que c’est l’amour !

How do you want me to fall in love? I don’t even know what love is!

Pink Lady

de Yeon Woo

Summary : Gyeo-Wul, an art student, is having trouble drawing. One day, she bumps into a handsome guy and takes his notebook by mistake. The notebook had drawings with an art style she is not used to and tries to draw better than him. But, it turns out that the guy knows who she is…!

A bit different, here we have a manhwa which is a korean comics. I really fell in love with this manwha – and God knows I use all my day scrolling down scans pages to find some great shojos. This one, despite the slightly cliché beginning, really touched me deep inside. First, the pages are inked – and the drawings are, in my opinion, really, really beautiful. Moreover, the characters are artists, painters – and I love how the art is treated here. Without spoiling too much, we have a couple that has to handle their life, their art, their love – dissociate all of these, associate them or chose one or another: a great, great dilemma. And, well, it’s beautiful. Of course, it’s a shojo-type, and we can find some clichés, but the artsy of it really goes further than that and gave me a real beautiful image of this manhwa. There, you must read it. And if you have any other suggestions of this type : do share in comments below! I never have enough mangas & manhwas to read!

♦ Songs Recommendations ♦

  • 9 crimes – Damien Rice
  • Take Me To Church & To Be Alone – Hozier
  • Do you wanna know? Arctic Monkeys
  • The album Crystal Castles by Crystal Castles
  • The album Hurry Up We’re Dreaming by M83
  • Summertime – Selah Sue
  • Ecstasy – zZz
  • People are strange – The Doors
  • KCN – iBenji
  • Say it ain’t so, Joe – Murray Head

There we go! Hope these little recommendations got your curiosity up a bit – and if you read or see or listen to one of this, why not sharing it with us? Give us your thoughts on it in the comments section below! I’d love to share with you on things I love!

Well then, here I leave you – I’ll see you very very soon,

Loads of lil’kisses from a



5 thoughts on “5 Films, 3 Books & 10 songs later…

  1. Is God Help the Girl really good? Because you said it was weird (in a good way). I’ve known the song since a long time ago and I love the song, but I didn’t know they would make the film until last year.


    1. Hmm I think that if you like the song, you’ll like the movie! It is indeed weird but, as you’ve pinpointed, it’s weird in a good way, and I really loved watching it.. If you do watch it, tell me about it! Thanks for commenting xx


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