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Heyaaa lil’pies! I haven’t posted any issue lately – I am so sorry and so ashamed for that. I wish you’ll understand and won’t get pissed off – I guess I had another time out, but hey, I’m back on the tracks – and hopefully for good this time! As for today, I decided to do a little would you rather post, so yup, cheers for a random rambling blog issue! That way you can get to know me even more, huhu.

Here are today’s questions ♥

Would You Rather #1

1.Would you rather live in a world where there are no problems or live in a world where you rule?

I might be a bit of a control freak and I might very much like to rule everything, but I am not as much dominant as I’d want me to be, so I guess I’ll go with a world with no problems. Therefore, no predominant rulers, just everybody living out in peace and loving each others and being happy and no problems whatsoever. Some kind of Lennon’s utopia, all in all.

2. Would you rather get a dream vacation for two weeks or spend a week with anyone in the world?

Spend a week with anyone in the world… If i could get to chose who that anyone would be, of course. There are so many people that are so far away from me that I want to see right now, and hold and hug and love very much – and to spend one week with one of them (or all, let’s be greedy) would be dream come true. (Shout out to Jeanne & R. & you loads cutie pies I love so much).

3. Would you rather fly or read minds?

Fly! I definitely would love to fly. Even though reading mind would be great in some occasions, I believe it must end up being pretty tiring. And some people must have some thoughts… yuk. Don’t even want to know a single ounce of them. Seriously. Thus, flying would be… Ah ♥. It would be lovely. I could travel all around the world just by flying above the buildings, and touching the clouds… I’d love that, truly.

4. Would you rather have more time or money?

I gueeeess I’d like to have more money, even though that’s pretty down-to-earth, but there are so many little things I’d love to buy, so many places I’d love to see… and more than that, having more money would just be much more useful for the year to come, as I’m graduating and going to college and such – and Merlin knows how much that costs. So, yeah. Whereas more time would just give more time to procrastinate and more time to push back the delays sooo. Yus, I’m a really active procrastinater. Shame.

5. Would you have piercings or tattoos?

I’m much more into tattoos! Besides my ear piercings I’ve had since I was a child, and a second one I’m going to make this summer, I don’t intend to have anymore piercings, but I’d really really like to get a tattoo some day. There’ll be the deathly hallows symbol of course, (HP freak in here!) but also some song lyrics, maybe It’s teenage wasteland or Won’t Get Fooled Again, or maybe even Don’t you cry – as they are some pretty important songs for me. I think it’d look a bit like that. Either by the wrist or in the nape of my neck, something like that.

harry potter the who tattoo
What my tattoo would look like

6. Would you rather have a rewind button in your life or a pause button in your life?

Rewind, definitely. There are too many moments I wish I could simply rewind time, life, and do them all over. If only.

7. Would you rather only be able to whisper or only be able to shout everything?

Only be able to whisper, I believe, as I already have a pretty low voice, that won’t change much. And I’d get pretty tired of my own voice if I were to shout all the time.

8. Would you rather go without the internet or a car for a month?

DEFINITELY WITHOUT A CAR. How can one even live, survive without internet? FOR A MONTH? Impossible. Ain’t human. Yup, I’m that much addicted to the internet. But well, as Connor Franta says, we’re Internet AF, right? (And honestly, without a car, you’d only have to take the sub, bus, bicycle or even walk. Ain’t that bad.)

9. Would you rather have to sit all day or stand all day?

Sit all day. I pretty much do that all the time already – my desk chair hates my ass, I’m sure of it – it’s seen it too much already. Their relationship won’t last much longer, I believe. (where is my mind going on with that now?)

10. Would you rather sing every word you speak or always speak in rhymes?

Speak in rhymes! That would give a very Shakespearean, poet-like feeling to my speeches, right? That’s kinda cool. And I sing very very badly, so that’s a must for your ears too. Honestly.

So, yup, here we go! A little post with 10 would you rather – hopefully you liked this blog issue… and do tell me what your answers would be! And maybe come up with TEN other questions I could answer someday? Right? You can do that in the comment section below, or even on my Twitter or Facebook page. Feel free ♥

Don’t forget, you can contact me on littleunicorngladys@gmail.com if you want to do some collabs ♥ I’m free and open to any suggestions & opportunities! 

Until next post,

Loads of lil’kisses from a



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