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Overcoming writer’s block?

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Heyaa lil’pies! For today’s late-tuesday-more-like-wednesday blog issue, I’m going to talk about a matter that is quite of an important one for authors… WRITER’S BLOCK.

How to overcome a writer’s block? This a question that haunts writers’ head, as they’re hoping for all their inspiration, all their imagination to gather up on their own and start making them write inches and inches of novels again.

So, here I ask again:

How do you overcome a writer’s block?

… well, you don’t.

Overcoming writer’s block?

That’s pretty depressing, right? But I honestly think so. You can’t /overcome/ a writer’s block. It will always come back again, make you stare for hours and hours at your white screen, blank paper, or whatever you’re writing on. It is a permanent state of fear, first off, for the writer, as he is constantly thinking “what if…”. I mean, what if tomorrow morning, while waking up, I have no more desire to write a single word on screen? (that’s maybe the reason why authors have such raw sleep schedule. Cause you know, my inspiration couldn’t let me sleep, dude.) (I am deeply concerned by that statement. May I say that during the NaNoWriMo’s first week, for example my sleep schedule is absolute freak? Even close to non existent?) You can see that this fear of writer’s block is actually that present in an authors’ mind that it can’t ever actually be overcame.

HOWEVER. I believe we can kind of drift it away. And here are 6 ways to feel like you’re overcoming author’s block even though you’re not really cause that b*tch will come back eventually. (And you may also check out this article about writing contest, which may also be a solution to writer’s block!)



Even if you have no clue where you’re going to go with your writing, even if you’re writing absolute nonsense, even if it seems absolutely awfully written, even if you’re absolutely positive you’ll never lay an eye on that piece of text – never ever in he’ll. Even if all of that and loads more “even if”, you’ve GOTTA KEEP WRITING.

It may seem weird but, well, in fact, the goal to write should not be about writing the beautifulest thing, right? So if you keep on writing daily, you’ll keep up your habits of writing and it will eventually become easier and easier and easier until the day it will flow easily out of your fingers.

It could also not help you at all overcome it and feel depressed as you read what you write and feel disgusted by it. This is not alright. First of, if you’ve written it, that’s actually something, and it can’t be considered shit nor make you feel bad about your writing. Cause eventually, these raw lines will help you one day write like Baudelaire. Right? And that’s some damn high life goal, tbh. Moreover, you’re maybe hating them know, but what if you lay a new eye on them some weeks later? You may see a writing style you like, a plot you’ve started talking about that will completely inspire you…

There’s a lot of reason why not being disgusted with what you’ll write during an author’s block, and here I’ve named a few, but comment your reason to always respect what you’ve written. Even if you don’t like it thaaaat much, cause weell, the day an author will be 100% pleased with what he has written will be some great day.

Theen there’s the case when you try to keep on writing and… you just CAN’T. The words simply won’t come out and you can’t think of anything else than “it’s shit it’s shit it’s shit” to the point it’ll make your mind explode. That’s the worse. And here comes trick #2, to avoid that horrible feeling…

writer's block atwood
Trick #2


It’s alright if you can’t write. It’s alright if it looks like it’s shit. It’s alright. Really. You must not put that high pressure on you. Writing should be synonym of pleasure.

When it becomes more than that, your imagination will definitely feel pressured, you’ll start thinking about “this needs to be like so” and so on and you’ll lose the pure genuine need and love of writing. Which must not happen at all – because what is an author if he comes to despise writing?

That pressure you put on yourself can be a main cause of that author’s block – once you feel more free about writing, once it’s pleasure only, and really pleasure only, it will definitely come back. Either slowly, either in one single day, and you’ll have that glimpse of light and all your inspiration will be back (such a blissful feeling honestly).

Yup guys, all you need is to feel relax, no pressuring – write because you love it.


But well, let’s get pessimistic. What if besides those attempts at drifting away from this hideous author’s block, it still keeps on going. What should you do?

I’m no God, no Genius, I don’t have THE answer, but here’s some tricks I personally follow during those horrible and depressing moments for an author. Other known as the other tricks to try and kiss the ass of an author’s block even though we know that biatch will eventually come back one day. Feelings.


Trick #3


This may sound a bit silly but I’m quite serious about this one, to be honest. Much authors don’t read back what they’ve written until a while, because they feel like if they re read they’re going to erase everything and start everything back from scratch. It’s true this is an itchy feeling I most of the times get, but when you have a severe author’s block, or even a less severe one, it can actually be a miracle solution.

By reading again what you’ve written beforehand, you’ll get to sympathise again with your characters and get into their stories and hopefully by reaching the end you’ll feel close to them once more and you’ll feel the need to write the following adventures. It worked for me a few times so, I guess, why not for you all?

And well, even if it doesn’t inspire you for the following scene, it might for a scene you’ve had already written you’ll feel like rewriting to make it even better or develop a specific thing you did not talk about before. Who knows! It might really be helpful.

Trick #4


Sometimes all you can’t write is relative to the plot/story you’re working on at the moment. You might feel inspired for something else. Why not try to role-play? With role-play, you can slide into another character’s mind, evolve with him – or why not even your own character so you can try to write with him in daily, random situations that might help you to get him more, make him evolve and why not be able to write with him again in your own story!

Usually, when I had writer’s block, I’d try and do some role-play, as you keep on writing but in a different manner, until I had this click again for my stories – sometimes I’d do both and love my endless inspiration and motivation.

Trick #5


One thing I also do is translating some of my favorite fanfictions, either from French to English or the reverse when I had no single inspiration whatsoever for my own texts. Therefore, I would still be writing and thinking on how to use some words the best and gain proficiency in my writing for when I’ll write my own fictions. Moreover, translating or reading those fanfictions I love put me in a particular state of mind, in the atmosphere of the writer, of the text, and sometimes the latter is powerful enough to inspire me and reinvigorate me.

Seems incredible, right?

Last but not least, who is also much much powerful to inspire me…

Trick #6


I honestly think that music can be life saving in some opportunities.

Find the right music for the right mood/atmosphere of what you’re writing and I definitely think it’ll help you get in the right spirit to write some pages!

This may be quite weird, but the Tchaikovsky Swan Lake ballet is a gold mine of musical inspiration when I write. And same goes with music like Crystal Castles or KCN or beats like that. Never thought it’d have that impact on me!

Do you have any particular music that helps you getting over an author’s block? Or maybe that gets you in a particular writing mood? Share your good links! 😉

Well then, here, 6 little tricks to try and drift away from an author’s block. It’s not easy, and my two weeks not publishing any posts on Tuesday are a great example, tbh. Sames goes with my two months of not writing a word. It gets a bit depressing, hopefully I’ll get out of that stage soon enough.

Do you have any tricks to overcome author’s block yourself? Do share them, as it could be helpful for an author in pain! And tell me what you thought of those 6 lil’tricks. All together, we’ll get through this horrible writer’s block stage… hopefully.

#Final Objective

Until next week! (with hopefully my motivation & inspiration all spirited up!)

Loads of lil’kisses from a



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