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4 things I do when I’m sick |

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BEWARE. This is a real babbling random post. Huhuh.

I’ve been dead sick for the past week, and even though I’m feeling much much better today, I still have some headache & I keep up on sneezing. It’s wonderful, really. However, for once, as I stayed home and layed lazily in my bed, I did not do a single thing I usually do when I’m sick. What is happening to me? Getting procrastination to the next level? At this point, it’s not even procrastination, it’s really really laying-down-and-not-doing-a-single-thing-at-all. How can that be? Well, here’s an idea of 4 things I usually do when I’m sick – and there you’ll be able to see how damn lazy I was for not doing a single one of those this week. Seriously. (And well, one of those is my little-to-get-better-trick too).

(I’m a bit ashamed.)

4 things I do when I’m sick



You know how you follow too many series at once and you never have the time to actually watch them all – so you end up accumulating episodes to watch by dozens and then you need a complete week to keep up with the ongoing episode? Well, I usually try to watch those unseen episodes during my ill-period (but also during the holidays where all is left of me is a vegetating cucumber on the sofa, tbh).

I also try to watch those movies I made a list of, either from friends’ recommendations or personal interest.

Cause really, you feel a bit stupid during those ill moments, and all you need is to leave your brain in peace, no thinking on life or homework or essays or anything. Thus, you leave your brain in peace & you expand your general culture at the same time – that’s some great thing, no?


I have this HUGE pile of books on my bed night table which I desperately need to read. And I don’t. This is such a shame. But well, when I’m sick, I’m usually not motivated to work (well, I never am, but let’s say I’m even less motivated, alright?) and I prefer to do something more lovely – like reading, for example. I usually use this opportunity to read (and why not complete my reading challenge?). One page between all my sneezes, ain’t it some great thing?

Thus, I read, put the books on my table back in the shelves & buy new books to read… because we never have enough books, don’t we?


You’re sick, you’re feeling down – and all you need is love. Right? Well, then, that’s why I usually read all the fluffiest manga I can ever find during this time lapse. Honestly, I usually read & discover the most of shojos during those times.

I really, really do read fluffy lovely pinky things, I’m a big softy in the inside, tbh. What are your favs, by the way? Do you have any? I could recommend some, if any of you are interested. I already did a bit on this post, by the way, where you have a bit of a recommendation list 😉


I damn love tea. I really do. And I love it even more when I’m sick – I think I may drink something like three cups per midday when I’m sick, seriously. Tea is life, guys. So, yeah, nothing is better than a big cup of tea, with some biscuits, one of my movies, or TV series I should have watched some thirty years ago (I have a thing for hyperbolism right?). That’s the cure to being sick, my dears. One cup of tea, one spoon of honey mixed in it, and one cloud of milk – that’s the thing. THE thing, even, if I may. (That’s one thing I’ll always remember about my English literature teacher, tbh)

Tea is life, lil’pies.

But well, that’s my thing, what’s your little secret to get better?  Share it all!

Weeell that’s all of today, sorry for this quite random post but hey, I’ll be back tuesday with some critical post, lil’pies! Keep posted!

Loads of lil’kisses from a


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