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Baking with Lil’Gladys n#3 | Cookies


Heyaaa lil’pies!

This week end, my sister invited a friend of hers who’s allergic to eggs…. & as they were hungry, I decided to do some cookies without eggs! 

Thinking about you lil’pies, I made a little video showing the process and all of that. It’s a bit shaky but, well, I promised you’d have some little surprise once in a while, so here it is for this month!

Remember you can find my others recipes on this blog too! Here you have some sortofcupcakes & here for some Christmas Sablés! 


Ingredients for 5-6 big fat cookies or a dozen of normal size (I personally love biiiig cookies so I usually do less of them but bigger huhu)

100g of white sugar
100g of brown sugar
100g of butter
250g of white flour
1 & 1/2 spoon of baking powder
Chocolate chips (as much as you want!)

How to?

Mix the sugars & the butter, stir everything up, add the flour & baking powder, keep on stirring up before adding the chocolate chips. If you’re not allergic to eggs, you can add one (for that proportion of ingredients) and stir it with the sugars before adding the butter!
Then, all you’ve gotta do is shape them up & put them in the oven (as I make them quite fat, I put them in the oven for 10-15 minutes but if they’re pretty thin it can take less than 10 minutes) at 200 degrees C.

And then?

Eyegasm & eatgasm are a must! Hopefully, you’re going to die at their tasteness… I could honestly give all my damn money to bake them once more before I die. They’re that good. Honestly.

But well, of course, more details in the video! It took me hours to edit, I honestly don’t know how youtubers do that every weeks. I’m in awe.

Well then, hopefully you liked this little video & recipe! It’s a new for me, filming like that, sooo if you liked it, do tell me & I’ll try my best to do it once again soon.

Until then, loads of lil’kisses from a


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