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Cutest shopping session ♥ & Brand New Sister-Tradition

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Heyaaa lil’pies!

I’m currently in the middle of a week of mock exams but, well, hopefully I’ll survive! Send me your good vibes, will you? To survive through this horrible week, I did a bit of a shopping errand on Saturday and bought some of the cutest things ever… I definitely had to show them all to you ♥

It’s really a random post but, well, hopefully you’ll like seeing those cute items and learn a bit more about… My New Sisterish Tradition? That’s a thing we decided to do, my Lil’Sis & I, but I’ll tell you a bit more below 😉

Without further ado, look at aaaall this cutie things I bought at DAISO.

First of all, I really really have to say that DAISO is top 1 the shop you have to go to if you want to buy cheap cute things. Argh, man, if I were living in Japan, I’d really be money-less. All the following items cost me 35 AED which is approximately 6.3 GBP… Ah, really. I love this shop.

It’s one of our little regular errand – my Sis & I usually go there once in a while, and fantasize on every cutest thing they have (and I usually end up buying some useless but oh-so-cute merch, of course). We did as well last Saturday, and here’s what we bought!

Cutest notebooks ever - don't you fell like eating this pink rabbit?
Cutest notebooks ever – don’t you fell like eating this pink rabbit?
MAGIC PEN! I feel like 8 again.
MAGIC PEN! I feel like 8 again.
Cutest Piggy Bank EVER.
Cutest Piggy Bank EVER.

But what am I even going to do with those cute items, you must be asking yourselves?


First of, a lil’explanation here: I’m currently in my last year of high school, if you haven’t followed up, and I’m probably going to France next year – while my sister will remain in Dubai. This is some quite far away distance &, man, we kind of love each others despite our hard-hateful-moments. Yup, yup, really.

That’s why, we thought of doing a “sisterish thing”, so we could bond a bit – and we thought, why not do something we will have with us next year and feel happy with it? First of, we only fell on the pen – and I decided to buy them because damn I’m such a child sometimes and I love cute things. But then, we saw the notebooks and, then, just at that moment, we had THE idea.

We’re going to write bits and nonsense in each others’ notebooks for the few remaining months. Things we hated, things that heated us up, things we loved, things made us cry, laugh – everything that has a relation to one another (or even random things). Bit like a diary, but a diary we will give each others so that when we feel like the other is missing, all we’ll have to do is open that piece of her and read it. 

Isn’t that a beautifully cute thing?

Well, at least, that’s our little Sister Tradition (newly invented). Do you have any? Or a Brother Tradition? Bro-Sis tradition? Tell me about it! And, well, whaddya think of this one?

Hopefully you appreciated this little glance in my life, huhu, I’ll see you very soon (either with a random post or something a bit more literary related, promise).

Until then, love you loads and…

Lots of lil’kisses from a


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