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Smile – and be happy

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Heyaa lil’pies,

This will be a very random chatty post, as I just came across a cute video that will put, hopefully, a smile on your face.

I’ve been having quite a bad week, and another one as terrible as this one is happening next week, so I’ve been dying for some cuteness and love in this world. Moreover, I’ve been thinking a lot about where I will be living starting next September, and my thoughts often come back to Paris – and everyone knows how sad this city can be sometimes. One of the saddest things in a big city is definitely the subway time, even more when it’s your usual basis, when you spend hours in it, when it’s all gloomy outside and you’re heading out for a bad day when you step out of the sub.

Well, one guy decided to put some joy in that – to make people laugh, smile, dance. And, honestly, sitting on my couch, looking at this, it made me smile too and made me happy, cause some people are out there trying to make this world a livelier and happier world. You all need to check out this video.

A world where we are all happy. This is all we need, honestly. Might be a utopia, but well… One man to start, and other will follow, right? We all deserve to be happy, however if we don’t act and try to be, how can we manage to reach happiness? It can go from anything to a big thing. Just think of baking cookies, for example, that’s definitely a joyful thing that will bring you happiness for example. But it an also be staying with your loved ones or simply listening to music.

Everything can bring happiness in a world.

And instead of thinking of all the bad things that is happening to us, it’s great sometimes to be optimistic and have faith in ourselves and in the world we live in – even though that last part might be a tad difficult.

We have to believe, and we have to try, and every little desires completed will led us to happiness.

And that video made me a bit happy today. Hopefully, if you’re having a week that smells like poop, or even a full month of poop, or even if you’re happy, hopefully this video and short issue will make you even more happy.

Cause, lil’pies, that’s a life goal, right? Happiness.


And, with this, please remember I love you always ♥ If you ever feel bad, please know one will always be here for you – and, well, I can be this person if you need anyone. I’m a DM away on twitter, a PM away on facebook and even a mail (littleunicorngladys@gmail.com) away if you want! I’ll share some of my positive attitude and love with you whenever you need !

Until next time,

A loads of lil’kisses from a


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