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Heyaa lil’pies!

As promised over here I prepared a little something for you were I’m talking about my favorites of MARPRIL – standing for March & April, woohoo.

However, instead of doing a blog post as I previously planned, I was motivated enough today to film a video and edit it and therefore have it published today for you beautiful peoples.

I hope you’ll enjoy, it’s mainly me talking about my favorite things of the past two months just like I would have done on a written article but there you can have me and my voice instead. If you like anything I mention, do tell me, I would really enjoy talking with any of you lil’pies 😀

Well, anyway, enjoy !

Another video a little more life-talking will be posted soon and as said in the MARPRIL FAVORITES video, I have a blog issue previewed where I will be recommending my MARPRIL READING FAVORITES. Keep posted for this one!

And don’t forget, if you need any love, smile and be happy today.

Until next time,

Loads of lil’kisses from a




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