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This past week end have been cray cray. I’ve slept a lot, played a little, partied another bit – and ate damn good cheesecakes. However, once in a while, it’s also great to learn things, right? We can’t vegetate all our life. (well, we can theoretically speaking but I doubt it to be very funny and enjoyable. Thinking vs Vegetating, the latter must lose, right?)

All this to say that I’ve learnt and discovered things this week-end that I’m sharing with you – cause they really surprised me. 

Me this week-end. Basically.



Little of lifey context here: I was eating in a French restaurant in Abu Dhabi with my family and friends, when two people arrived with tons of balloons in their hand. We thought, great, there is going to be a birthday, it’s going to be a bit loud in here. However, we then saw three more people coming, with the same balloons. Three more, five more, seven more! And when they reached a dozen, they began putting on some songs that sounded really East like.

Intrigued, we rapidly saw that they were Russians, the songs themselves were typical Russians songs and hymns and such. And they were here to celebrate the 70th anniversary of 9th May 1945 where the Russian beat the German army and helped to save Europe.

I knew that V. Poutine was having a celebration in Moscow the same day – which kind of surprised me, as in France, the victory is celebrated on May 8th – and I thought it was so great to see people from such a faraway place reunite together and celebrate.

I didn’t get what the songs were, or what was said during the opening speech of their celebration, but it definitely had a wonderful feeling to see them eat together, talk together, laugh together, not necessarily knowing each others much, or at all, but still enjoying the free life we have now thanks to the fall of the Reich.

Moreover, I was quite surprised to see them wear black and orange ribbons as these colours did not necessarily had any meanings in my mind for their celebrations. A man at our table actually asked the lady who seemed to be at the head of all this organisation and that’s where I learnt something too: the black and orange are actually the colours that were on the medals the Russian soldiers got for their participation and success in the World War. Black is also the color for smoke and orange for fire, certainly representing the bombarding and efforts they went through.

Black and orange medals sir

There, I was only going out to eat a delicious Flammkuchen and I ended up learning weirdly fascinating things on Russia, their celebrations and honors.


Baby carrots?

This one might sound silly but it actually destroyed my life. It seems that baby carrots are actually shaped big carrots?

I’ve been lied to all my life!


A few people have been telling me that recently, and it is destroying me. I really, really, thought I was eating carrots that were that small, and that was the funny thing – and now you’re telling me they are SHAPED?

How shameful this society can be – lying to kiddos and naïve teens like me about such important things as food!

Well, though, the thing here is more like I don’t get the point of shaping a big carrot into a smaller one?

As for me, it looks like a real loss of product. That’s why I decided to actually look it out very seriously, as it could not definitely be a real thing.

And Merlin knows I was wrong.

Wikipedia – Amen to that website – states that:

A baby carrot is an immature carrot, grown in a small size, in which it is sold. A baby-cut carrot is a small piece cut from a larger carrot; baby-cut carrots are often marketed as “baby carrots”, leading to potential confusion.

NOW I really feel betrayed. See? That’s horrible! It’s cut carrots! However, the product loss is not a real thing as, according to Wikipedia, they use carrots that were not well shaped enough to be sold as such and therefore they are shaped in smaller bits, polished and such. Can you believe this? It seems weird, right? Or am I the only one weirded out by this? Did everyone know that?

Ugh. Gimme back my innocence of mind. Gimme back my real baby carrots. Pleawse?



How much in the sh*t am I? 😀

So this is not really a discovery. Much more like a realisation – and one I would have much more enjoyed not having.

I am going through finals in 3 weeks. 3. Little. Weeks.

I have 5 written subjects to study for, as well as 3 oral ones – hopefully it’ll go alright, but this means that I reaaally have to get to work and so, as I said on twitter, I might have less time to update on here during this period. Bear with me my lil’pies!

(But honestly I really can’t believe it. I have a week holiday coming up, then one school week, then one revision week, then my baccalaureate – and there, high school is done. So, okay, I’m following up with uni so it’s not like I’m not going to study anymore but heck, it’s so weird thinking that I’m not going to go to high school ever again.)

Well anyway those were my little discoveries and slash or realisation of the past week end – they’re not many as you can see but heck did they have an impact on me. Now I’m curious x1000 about Russia, disappointed x1000 about carrots and stressed x1000 about my baccalaureate (3 BLOOMIN WEEKS). Cheers 😀

There lads and ladies this is all for this pretty random post but, hey, what did you learn this past week-end or week? You can always blog that on your own blog, leave the link here and I’ll reblog you – so we can all learn even more right? 🙂

Anyway, until next time,

Loads of lil’kisses from a


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