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Heyaaa everyone ~

I’m very late, very out of schedule and yeyou can say it without me getting angry, I totally suck. And I’m really, really, profoundly, sincerely sorry for being so bad at sticking up with delays – but I also now it ain’t gonna change itself easily.

I’m bad with delays, and even though I’m doing my best to change that as much as I can, I also know that I write by periods, I produce by periods because I have a real problem with writer’s block. That this is the plague but I ain’t some kind of superhero able to escape from it, unfortunately. Thus, I have times when I can’t write a word, can’t film a thing – but don’t worry, I always come back stronger and even more cheered up to produce some damn things.

Thus said, I’m letting you know that I have two videos filmed that only need to be edited so don’t worry for the month to come! Keep in mind that I will be posting ONE VIDEO EVERY TWO WEEKS. Which means one today, one on the 20th of July & one on the 3rd of August – if I get my schedules right.

You must also know that I’m in the middle of packing up as I’m definitely leaving Dubai for France. I’m travelling on the 12th of July, but I still don’t know yet when I’ll have my studio with the internet that comes with it. Thus, I am deeply sorry, but I can’t promise any upload on the 17th of August but I’ll try my best. 

Concerning the blog issues, as it’s easier to upload than videos, I’ll try my best to keep them once a week 🙂 As I’ll be in France, I’ll also be taking much more photos and thus I’ll maybe do some “Travel with me” photos issues if you’re interested 🙂

This said, please enjoy this new video! It’s the CUTEST HAUL IN THE UNIVERSE cause I received and bought some damn cute things!

Thank you for watching my cute little pies! Please like, share, and SUBSCRIBE to my channel ❤ You’ll be loved always!

Until next time,

Loads of lil’kisses from a


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