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Growing Up 0.2

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Heyaaa everyone!

How is your summer going? I hope it’s great, super great! If you’re already back to school, I’m so sorry for you. Same if you’re back to work. I send you my biggest loveliest hugs.

Remember when I was talking about growing up and how scary it was? TheSeaOnTheMoon, a dear friend of mine, and I, decided it was not nice of me to leave you on my worries and we decided to give you some tips, some personal feelings… all in all, a guide to SURVIVING THROUGH HIGH SCHOOL, GROWING UP & all that ugly things.

I hope you found that video useful or that it made you smile a bit!

I’ll be back very soon with some book critics, summer resume, Paris in a Week-End review and announcement of a big big project!! 

Keep posted!!

Until then,

Lots of lil’kisses from a



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