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Baking with Lil’Gladys #7 | Nectarine, Chocolate & Apple Crumble


Heyaa lil’pies!

I feel like my blog is kinda becoming a recipe blog instead of being very much literary but I guess it was not clearly literary from the very beginning. Sorry about that! But well, seems you guys kinda like the Baking with Lil’Gladys’ posts so why stop now?

This said, on to how I ended up baking some crumble, again. (Cause, yes, I already did one, and it’s over here!) Thing is, I actually wanted to bake some cookies, cause my family had just left and it was kinda depressing – and we all know that cookies are THE remedies to “feeling down” mood. Tho, in the process of making them, I ended up taking a completely different path cause I had some nectarines that needed to be eaten… and it led me to this crumble recipe, that I very much hope you’ll like!





Nectarines (I used two, but you can put three depending on your likings)

Chocolate (Likewise, I used 100g but you can put more depending on your tastes)

Stewed Apples (Used 300g)

100g of sugar

125g of flour

50g of butter

1 spoon of baking powder

HOW TO (Illustrated step by step!) :

Step one: Take your nectarines & chop them into little pieces (once again, depending on your tastes, you can also chop them in tinier pieces than me, but keep in mind that it melts while cooking!)


Step two: Mix together the sugar & flower. Add in your melted butter. Mix until it becomes a sandy paste. 

Step 2

Step three: Take half of your stewed apples and spread them in your plate. You can mix some vanilla drops with it, to give it a bit of vanilla flavour if wanted.

Step 3

Step four: Then, add your chocolate (you can use either chocolate chips or a chocolate bar spread a little everywhere. That’s what I did, as I didn’t have chips) & your chopped nectarines.

Step 4

Step five: When you’ve spread them all, add the remaining of the stewed apples for them to cover everything up. Of course, if the remaining of the 300g of stewed apples is not enough you can add as much as necessary. Once again, you’ve got full liberty here as we most definitely want to reach your tastes!

Step 5

Step 6: Now, when this is done, all you need to do is to cover your mix with the paste made beforehand, as so:

Step 6
Step 6

Now, the plate is ready, all you’ve got to do is to put it in the oven for 15minutes at 180degrees! Then, you’ll be needing to grill the top for the sand texture to become all crispy and delicious. Grill as you like, but be careful not to leave it for too long and end up with a roasted paste. (yup, that happened to me.)

Once this is done, I suggest accompanying your share of crumble with some ice-cream – it suits perfectly with speculoos ice cream or vanilla! 


Theeen, please eat to your heart’s content!

If you liked this recipe, feel free to comment & share this post! You might also like some other of my recipes, right over there! 

Until next time, eat well, be well,

and a lot of lil’kisses from a



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