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One year anniversary challenge!


Heyaaa everyone.

See that little picture at the beginning of my post? That was the very first design of that blog. It didn’t last very long, rest safe, as it is very ugly, and I ended up making some other designs until finally reaching this one (but I’m thinking of changing very very soon, because, you know, it’s Christmas soon…)

But, my point is. That very first design was built 1 year ago. Well, not exactly, as my blog started out its baby steps on the 29th of November last year – and, yes, you guessed well, we’re thus in its anniversary month!

My blog will be one year old on the 29th of November ❤

I’m so proud of its existence and, even though it’s not always as active as I would like it to be, I’m still trying my best to come up with some content, be it videos or blog articles, and I’m always thinking about what I could write, what I could share and how I could do that.

Of course, you might have realised that I suck at delays, that I take an eternity to actually post a blog issue I promised months ago and publish loads of others random articles in the meantime. However, I’m always really thinking very deep of new content, new books to read, new movies and TV series to watch for your critical pleasure.

I’m also a college student, living on her own, and you might have understood that it’s not always this easy. 

Anyway, I’m not here to complain nor to flatter myself nor to apologise again. I’m only here because I would like to celebrate my blog’s one full year of existence, as it is the longest I’ve ever involved myself into one of those virtual platforms. I would like to thank you all for your support, and to cherish this little blog together and show you that I deeply love you all,

I decided to try and do the one year anniversary challenge!

Yes, I know, this challenge does not exist, but whatever. Point is, I will try to blog once a day every day during the whole month of November. This will be very tiring, sometimes the content will be very random, and articles might not be very long, but this way I will be sharing a bit of myself, my thoughts and discoveries each days of this month. This was the actual goal at the beginning of this blog, so what better way to celebrate its existence than doing what it wanted to be?

However, keep in mind that I’m still in uni, that I’m actually participating in the NaNoWriMo again this year (yes, pray for my fingers writing endlessly on my keyboard), and thus I might not post every single day great content. I might also skip one day and post twice a day to balance that. I don’t know how I’ll manage all of this.

I’m still going to try it out. Cause you all deserve it, cause this lil’blog deserves it and, let’s be honest, cause I feel like doing it, HA.

Anyway, keep on loving each others endlessly, BE HAPPY,

and until next time,

Loads of lil’kisses from a



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