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Bake with Lil’Gladys | Cinnamon Sablés


Heyaaa everyone!

It’s Christmas almost soon, and Christmas is a great excuse to bake a lots of things – thus I decided to issue a little something on Cinnamon Sablés for you guys! (If you remember, I did a recipe on Sablés last year too, check it out! ) I didn’t shape them in christmassy figure because, uh, it was my first time doing them so I went for something quite easy to do AND I don’t have any shape-thingies at home… to be completely honest, I really didn’t feel like shaping them with a knife or something. Yes, I’m quite lazy. It doesn’t taste any less good, though, promise.

Well then, here we go!



Ingredients needed:

2 yellow eggs
150g of melted butter
100g of white sugar
3 coffee spoons of cinnamon
10 coffee spoons of flour
a pinch of salt

How to?! (illustrated, yes yes)

#1 : Divide the eggs in two and keep only the yellows!
#2 Melt the 150g of butter
#3 Add 100g of sugar to your eggs yellow and whisk the two!
#4 Add the melter butter to your mix and whisk everything together
#5 Add the coffee spoons of cinnamon to your mix and whisk!
#6 Add two coffee spoons of flour, whisk until its well mixed, repeat operation until you poured all 10 spoons of flour.
#7 This is what your final mixture is supposed to look like, more or less
#8 All is left to do is to put the mix on the baking tray – put a little in a coffee spoon and make little spots, just as in the photo!
#Bake for 10 to 15 minutes… and TADAHHHH!

You do agree – it looks fantastic, right?! Well, it IS fantastic and tastes super great, let me tell you! You might even want to add a bit of nutella on your biscuit and you’ll die from how amazing it will taste. Really, now.

Well then, that’s all for today, I hope you liked this quick and tasty recipe! You can find all my others recipes over there, if you feel like cooking much 😉

Until next time,

Loads of lil’kisses from a



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