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Getting through the NaNoWriMo

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Heyaaa everyone!

Sorry for not uploading sooner and for being one post late! I’ll change that very soon, but not today, because today I’m trying to finish my 50 000 words for the NaNoWriMo.


Maybe some of you don’t know what that it is? In which case, I redirect you to my latest issue on that matter, where I explained a bit of what the NaNo is and what type of people are doing this. I also talk about how I never managed to finish a NaNoWrimo – I think the most I ever did was 30K, which is a lot, I know, but that was in one month, and I struggled.

If I’m doing this issue today, it is because the NaNoWriMo started on the 1st of November, as it always do, and we are now the 7th (well, the 8th in a quarter of an hour), which means we have been one week ONLY into the challenge and, brace yourselves, ladies and gentleman, I am already at 43 000 words. This is mind-blowing.

I really don’t know how I managed to reach that number in such a short time, but I’m still trying to give you some little tips that, I think, really did help me !



I don’t mean by that writing a story at two or three, but writing your own while having a place where you can talk to others about your plot, about your struggles, but also about everything else, just to think about something else for a little while. You can also decide to do some Word Wars where you decide on a limited amount of time and write together at the same time before comparing your scores. This is really motivating as you want to do more than the other the next time, and thus you have a friendly competition going on that motivates you. My friends and I created a special chat for this occasion where we talk in between Word Wars, take a break from writing by saying stupid things but also think together on some ways to make your story better, for example. It’s a friendly and motivating way of writing. Moreover, knowing you’re in something with people will also make you want to be part of it until the end. I know that whenever I tried to do the NaNoWriMo, if I wasn’t talking with people doing it, I would end up giving up as I had no stimulation.



It’s not real pressure as no one is going to kill you if you don’t spit out the answer or the secret code of your fortress, but it is one way of remaining focused on what you are doing. There is one well known website which you can use for that matter, called Write or Die – you choose a number of words you want to attain, a limit of time and a special mode, be it stimulus, consequence or kamikaze mode. Stimulus makes some noise all the time whereas Consequence gets the screen red when you stop writing and makes some striking noises to make you remember that you need to write and stop spacing out – the Kamikaze one is a really dangerous mode which I never go for as I’ve heard that you actually get your words erased little by little when you stop writing. This is insane, right? 

I, personally, am writing with the consequence mode which is nice because it is not too much pressuring but still enough for you to remain focus. What I like about this website is also that you get to see the word counter decreasing as you are writing and I know that when I see that I’m fully determined to have it go to “0 words remaining to write”. I know that some of my friends hate writing under pressure, but it might work for you, so there I put at it as a tip o/


Even if you feel that today is not a good day, that what you’re writing is terrible – it’s ALRIGHT. NaNoWriMo is definitely not about how beautiful your writing is going to be nor trying to think about all the little mistakes you’re making. The time for that will come, as you will have all the rest of the year until next November to edit your text. Here, all you want to do is write, write, write. Don’t think too much about if the plot is realistic, how if your character is going overboard here, just write what comes to your mind, keep on writing, and you’ll get to make it better starting December 1st.

I know that I had the habit of reading back what I wrote, the years before, and that is one of the most horrible things to do as you spot all the things you’ve done wrong, all the things you need to change – this year, I decided not to do that and I’m keeping on writing, writing, writing. Once I reach the 50K, I’ll take the time to breath and correct what is wrong, and so should you. 

There, three little tips to get through the NaNoWriMo & reach the 50 000. I’m going to leave you guys now as I’m 7 000 words away from my goal and I can’t WAIT until I finally get them done! (I’m still impressed by how far I’ve managed to go, this is a first for me!)

Anyone doing the NaNoWriMo this year? Tell me about your experience 😉

Until next time,

Loads of lil’kisses from a



11 thoughts on “Getting through the NaNoWriMo

  1. WOW AWESOME, 43,000 words already that is some achievement well done.

    Today I was on a roll for #DoubleUpDay and am now in double figures at 12,041 after a staggering 2,564 words today. Whoop whoo. I’ve had my up and down days this week (check out my blog) but still going. This time I am writing what comes into my head, but I am frantically putting the finishing touches to my little Christmas short story in hope of publishing as an eBook on Wednesday 11th November my mum’s birthday.

    Happy Writing 🙂


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