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Heyaa everyone!

I’m here, sitting in front of my computer, typing this little thing for you, and all I can think about is that I have a real, visceral, need to travel. I need to take my things, pack them up, book a flight for some place in the world and discover it.

I need to go to the United States, I need to wander in the streets of New-York. I need to see the cities of Brazil, to see the poverty cohabiting with the luxury. I need to see the people living there, their smiles and habits. I need to visit Russia, drink a vodka or two and get rid of this prejudge, really. I need to go there, enjoy Saint-Petersbourg, sing a song or two of Anastasia and search for my Dimitri. I need to discover more about their language, about their cultural habits, their tradition. I need to see how the sky is in Africa, how the cities are over there, how the people smile and talk. I need to feel the water of Australia and laugh with an Aussie or two. I need to eat some soup from Japan and fall in love with their trees and temples.

I need to go out of my house, I need to discover what the world is made of, and that is a visceral need.

I have been dreaming of traveling, forever, going everywhere we can go to in this world, but that feeling goes and comes around all of a sudden. It always struck me hard, and I can’t wait till the day I’m independent and free enough to grab that wanted ticket and leave.

I bet I’m not the only one, out there, dreaming for changes, for discoveries. I believe it is a very selfish dream, as there are so many problems on this earth, so many people dying and fleeing their homes, and there I am, dreaming to travel – but it still is one dream, and I can’t help but hope I’ll fulfil it, one day or the other. I believe that, more than actually seeing the landscapes and all, I really want to get to understand people from everywhere in the world. Not really as in, knowing their language and being able to communicate with them, you get me when I say I want to understand their way of seeing the world, seeing people, seeing their fate and everything.

Well, anyway, that’s a bit random, but what would be the thing you need the most, as of right now? I’m not talking materially speaking, though, but more like a dream, I think… Anything ? 🙂

Until next time,

Loads of lil’kisses from a


PS : don’t thanks me, I know you’ve been wanting to hear it ever since I wrote about it:


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