aye it's my life

1 Year Anniversary !!

Heyaaa everyone!


Just a little post to celebrate the one year anniversary of my little blog! I’m so proud to see him still alive and standing, as I had the habit of not pursuing anything I did, aha !

I had ups and down, it’s not always as active as I’d like it to be, but it’s still alive, and I love it very much and I plan on continuing it for as much as I can!

Thank you to everyone who is following this blog, following the related Youtube Channel.

Thank you to everyone who is commenting, liking the posts, leaving me some wonderful comments to cheer up my day!

Thank you to everyone wo passes by sometime and read an article or two.

Thank you everyone, you really make my day, every time.

I’m so glad I have you all, and I hope we’re all in a wonderful adventure to last a long, long, while!

I love you endlessly, take care, and let’s all celebrate the 1 year anniversary, yeah? :cheers:


Loads, loads, loads of lil’kisses to you all from the one and only,



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