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The 2015 Reading challenge review

Heyaaa everyone!

Remember the 2015 reading challenge? I feel like it’s time to make a point on what was read and what was not… And I already feel like I failed big time this year! Let’s see that!

2015 reading challenge
Are you ready to fulfill them all? 😀

Well, the thing is, I read books that could be many of these points but I believe I had to read one of each, right ? huh, well, this is what I read:

  • a book more than 500 hundred pages : Don Quijote de la Mancha, by Miguel de Cervantes
  • a book that became a movie : Millenium v.1
  • a classic love story : I guess I can say First Love by Tourgueniev
  • a book with a one-world title : Inferno by Dante
  • a book from an author you love that you haven’t read yet: I started the last Murakami book, Colourless Tsukuru Tazaki and his years of Pilgrimage, but I haven’t finished it yet! It will be before the end of the year though.
  • a book more than 100 years old : Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert
  • a book you can finish in a day : Paper Towns by John Green
  • a book set somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit : A happy nostalgia, by Amélie Nothomb
  • a play : King Lear by Shakespeare
  • a book that made you cry: Charlotte by David Foenkinos
  • a book with magic : It’s not fantasy as it was the rewriting of a myth, Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe.

Well that’s all I can remember that falls in the categories of this challenge. I guess we can call this a huge failure, aha. How about you? Did you manage to read as much as you wanted to?

I’ll see you very soon with another issue,

Until then,

Loads of lil’kisses from a




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