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5 songs I loved in 2015

Heyaaa everyone!

Once again, a happy new year to you all! For this year’s first article, let’s do a little throwback on 2015! Today’s throwback? It’s a musical one!

I’m sharing with you guys 5 songs I loved and discovered in 2015. Hopefully it’ll make you discover new ones too or at least have a lil’happy musical throwback too!

I didn’t classify them in terms of preferences as I don’t have any! I love them all as much, do enjoy! (You’ll also get to see that I have quite random tastes in music, I enjoy a bit of everything… Thus, don’t stop at the genre of the firs tone, maybe one of these songs might please you!)

alt-J  – Nara ; I could have recommended any of them as I just enjoy putting their playlist on, put here’s one I really like!


Princess Chelsea – The Cigarette Duet ; this one is a bit weird but I love it, it’s a bliss to listen to!

Daughter –  Youth ; I listened to a lot of their song in the past couple months, and I just love the atmosphere!


Ibrahim Maalouf – Au pays d’Alice ; I’m a bit cheating here as the video is not a song but a complete concert, but I reaaaally love this one! I came to like this type of music very recently and took a real liking into Ibrahim Maalouf ; feel free to check what he did else at it’s also complete masterpieces! (I particularly like the OST of Yves Saint Laurent, the movie, which is also a freaking good movie, if you have the time to watch it, do it!)


I Monster – Who Is She? ; I listened to this song and this album of I Monster a whole lot during 2015! I love the atmosphere, the voice, and ugh, a complete love for this one!

Well, there you have five songs/singers I really really enjoyed during 2015, and that you’ll hopefully like too! Tell me about yours, and what you thought of my favorites! 😉

Until next time,

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