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Bake with Lil’Gladys | Grilled Tofu Sandwich

Heyaaa everyone!

Today, a delicious vegan recipe for you hungry people !

I’ve been trying to eat very properly since the beginning of the month, almost succeeding at eating vegan (except for a day when my Uni restaurant only had ham sandwiches left, I felt sad failing for that matter only aha). As I don’t particularly like meat at all, I don’t find it that difficult, even though I must admit it is not always easy finding different things to eat at the Uni restaurant. But well, I’ve managed until now!

Thus, I’ve been searching for some vegan, or at least vegetarian recipes, and of course one common choice is TOFU. Let’s be honest, when it’s not seasoned, tofu can be really sad to eat, having no taste at all. However, I managed to do a delicious tofu sandwich the other day that I’m proposing to you guys today! As I’m getting really into eating vegetarian, at least, I might propose multiple recipes in the coming weeks, I hope you’ll enjoy that !

Anyway, here we go!

Healthy Vegetarian Grilled Tofu Sanwich


Tofu preparation:
Balsamic vinegar
Olive oil
Tomato sauce/ketchup
Pepper & Salt
Some herbs

Sandwich preparation:
Brown bread (or any other bread you like, tbh)
Tomatoes (if small ones, two/three)

Side dish proposed: 
Balsamic vinegar
Olive oil

Lemme tell you something! I actually did this recipe very randomly but I’m quite pleased by how it turned out! The tastes are good and it’s completely fulfilling.

Tofu preparation :

Well then, take your tofu, cut it in two and put in the the pre-heated pan.
Add a bit of balsamic vinegar and olive oil on the top, then turn the tofu over so it can spread on the other side and let it cook a bit.
Then you’ll need to add a bit of ketchup on the top or some diluted tomato sauce, something like a tablespoon in quantity, to give that a bit of taste. Just like before, turn the tofu over so it can spread on both side.
Let it cook a bit before adding some honey – take a teaspoon and just kind of put it randomly on the tofu, to give it that nice honey taste.
Add some pepper and salt to taste. And let it cook until it looks like grilled, all in all for some 10ish minutes. Actually, as tofu does not really need to be cooked, it’s really to your taste! When you feel that it’s grilled enough, then that’s it!

Sandwich preparation :

Take your two sliced of bread and spread some Dijon mustard on each of them. Not too much as it’ll take over the tofu’s taste but still enough for it too spice it up a bit.
Then, put your tofu on the slice. Cut your tomatoes and pickles and add them at the top of your tofu. Then cover with the other slice, obviously.


Side dish preparation :

Cut some tomatoes (if small ones, cut them in two), cut some pickles, add them to your salad. Put a bit of balsamic vinegar and olive oil on that, and here you have a delicious salad to give your sandwich some company!


Well there we go, guys! Doesn’t it look terribly good? I feel like eating some, now! I hope you liked it and that it’ll suit your tastes, feel free to comment and share your own experiences and version of that grilled tofu sandwich! I’d love to know if you liked it or not!

Until next time,

Loads of lil’kisses from a



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