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Bake with Lil’Gladys || Vegetarian fajita & banana smoothie

Heyaaaa everyone!

Today… we’re talking food! Because it’s finals time, and during finals, I always fancy some good things to eat (but I end up eating junk food, don’t mind me). However, once they’re all over, what is better than rolling up your sleeves and doing some good cooking?

Well, let’s be honest there, today’s dish is not really cooking – we’re going to make a vegetarian fajita. 

I love pita bread, and I fancied something fresh with lots of greens and colours but also something consistent enough. That’s how I ended up doing the following: (and mostly because that was all I had in my fridge and it needed to be used, but hush)


Pita bread
Tomatoes, pickles, corn, cucumber, olives, salad (whatever greenery you want or have)
Balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper, dried thyme

Well then, first off: slice the potato and grill them, like so: (I added a bit of salt and pepper to season the whole)

baking fajita with little gladys

I like to sprinkle my fajita with a fresh sauce. I use yoghurt, in which I add a bit of balsamic vinegar, salt and dried thyme. The picture is a bit gross, but here is what it looks like, if you’re wondering:



After that, all you’ve gotta do is make your fajita! Spread some feta, add all the greens you might want, add the potatoes on top of that, drizzle with your sauce and, EAT. It’s de-lish-i-ous.


What I LOVE about this, is that it’s super duper fresh, really easy to make, and totally delicious. I topped that meal with a quick dessert: a banana honey cinnamon smoothie! 

Quite easy to do, chop a banana in your mixer, add some yoghurt, add a bit of cinnamon to taste, and I really like honey with it too! And there you have a quick, delicious smoothie for dessert/side drink.

There guys, a simple dish for tonight! Feel like trying it yet? Tell me if you do!

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Until next time,

Loads of lil’kisses from a



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