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Heyaaa everyone,

How you doing? Yesterday, I was super duper stressed as I had an oral presentation this morning, and my friend and I decided to procrastinate usefully by going outside and taking pictures! Cause yes, my poor little baby of a camera does need to be used appropriately sometimes.

Therefore, we went on L’ILE DE NANTES, and we took lots of lil’pictures. As it’s always nice to discover new places, I thought… why not share those pictures with you? And, let’s be honest, I really want to share them and not let them rot on my computer for me only to see. That’s being quite show-me-off? Yeah, probs.

Anyway, here we go, enjoy this brief aperçu of one side of my city! If you like those, I might share too some other photoshoot we’ll end up doing sometime-soon-maybe-not.

Ah, just so you know, otherwise the pictures might look quite weird, the place where I shoot is actually an old industrial zone which they now use as a touristic attraction. There are restaurants and pubs, but also old places where they used to fabricate boats, and all kind of industrial stuff. It’s always quite weird to go back on those old abandoned places that have been transformed into something else, but it sure was enjoyable to photograph!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ahh, I don’t know what to think of the quality of the pictures once uploaded but never mind XD

Enjoy that brief view of Nantes, lovelies, and I’ll see you soon,

Until then,

Loads of lil’kisses from a



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