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19 goals for 19 years


Yep, yep, I grew one year older and, as I’m still being in the age where you rejoice from gaining one, here is a little celebratory post with 19 goals for 19 years. I was supposed to publish that last week, as Mashable told me it was my best week for planning things – and we all know Mashable is a trustworthy source, right?? But well, things happened and, despite turning 19, my dear procrastination didn’t leave me… alas!

19 goals for 19 years


  1. Learn to love myself
  2. Learn a new language
  3. Discover five new places
  4. Focus on one novel
  5. Read as many books as possible
  6. Succeed college-wise
  7. Hang out at least twice a month for something special with my Sister
  8. Get princess hair
  9. Get involved in something at college
  10. See my best friends at least once
  11. Get this tattoo I’ve been dreaming of
  12. Get an internship in press
  13. Start my driving lessons
  14. Discover new things everyday (culture-wise)
  15. Do something I’m proud of
  16. Make new friends
  17. Be honest
  18. Keep my blog and QaA alive
  19. Be happy


Maybe by writing those down and actually having them published somewhere, I’ll end up doing things, who knows? I’m not really going to explain why I choose each one of them, but they’re thought about, and I might do an update sometime or another, yeah?

And you guys, what would be your goals?

I’m going back to Paris today to enjoy the Euro finale, #guiltypleasure, but when I’m back, I’ll do a lovely post about my week spent in that lovely Paris city!

Until then,

Lots of lil’kisses from a



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