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Stop staring | Women & tights


How you doing? Great, I hope! For the third consecutive day of the blogging challenge, how about a little complaint? Those who follow me on twitter might have seen my tweet about that, as I had a lovely morning complaint.

Yesterday, I woke up, wanting to feel pretty and to wear my favorite black dress. As you all know it’s currently freezing in Europe, I thus had to wear tights, believing it’d be absolutely normal, common sense, for everyone outside, that it was nothing particular, just some kind of covering things for my legs, as a jean can be.

But no, right?

A guy in his car had the overwhelming need to honk and turn his head to stare at me to his heart’s content. Well, thanks mate. I needed some kind of reminder that when a girl dresses as a girl, dares to show some kind of femininity, she was to be seen as an object whose only good was to be honked at. What was I thinking, waking up and feeling completely alright? Didn’t I know I was conditioned to be what men think women should be? Seriously, what was up in my mind?

See, I’m pissed off. Really am. It’s not a one-time event. Every fucking time I wear tights, and god knows it’s quite frequent in Winter, I have at least one whistle, one honk or one stare a day! And no it’s not flattering. It’s not a happy moment. I’m not dressing up and walking in the street for mens to enjoy the view and act as if they were legitimate to do what they’re doing.

How about we stop one second, and realise that this is some common shit for us girls and women? Thinking twice before dressing like we do, even though it’s something as freaking common as wearing some damn tights, it not normal! I mean, sure, my dress was a little short, a little above my knees, but does that even matter? NO! Even if I were in a slutty mini-dress, that’s no reason at all to honk, stare, or whatever, for Pete’s sake.

So yeah, I’m quite pissed and I know this post is really deconstructed and all but I really have enough of this kind of stuff, this kind of women-depreciation that so many of us don’t even talk about anymore cause it’s became such a common thing, and that’s even more horrid when we think about it.

Ever had this kind of experience? Want to rant about it? The comment section is all yours. Thank you for listening to my little pissed-off speech.

Despite the looks of that article, I had a really nice day, and a little news I’ll talk about later, but I’m super super happy today. Did anything make you happy today? Tell me about it!

Well then, that’s all for today. I hope you had a nice day, I’ll see you tomorrow!

Lots of lil’kisses from a


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