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The joy of planning holidays

Heyaaa everyone!

How is your Monday going? You’re coping with it? To feel a bit better about it, let us talk about something a little more enthusiastic : holidays! Planning them!

As you may have read at the end of my blogpost about my London experiment, I’m already planning my next trip, once again in the United Kingdom! Planning trips may be one of the things I love doing the most ; I spend countless hours checking online all the différents ways of getting there, the different hostels, what to see what to do what to eat and calculating budgets ! I always get 100% enthusiastic about those trips sometimes maybe too much for my friends to keep up with me.

I’m 100% spontaneous ; if I want to do something and feel like I could find a way to do it, I won’t think about it for hours and jump in it in a single dive, maybe too fast for the others to follow. The great thing about the next journey I’m planning is that my friends are as excited as I am… but they’re also a bit more cautious and are waiting a bit to take their tickets and really talk about it… sure it’s in a long time, more than three months, but I’m the kind of person to get really really excited, who like to talk about all we need to do and to plan at the exact moment we come up with the ideas.

I’m a bit of a pain, when organizing trips, but that’s alright as I love doing the organization and thus throw all my plans in their faces and wait for them to agree and get excited with me.

My next trip must be one of the most exciting yet!

I first had plenty of ideas ; I was gonna spend only three fours days in Cardiff at a friends’ but as my flight had a stop in Amsterdam it made me want to visit the city, and I remembered that my best friend and I really wanted to go somewhere together. I looked up at the possibilities and thought of doing Nantes Cardiff and then by train Cardiff Bristol and spend a day in Bristol, as I’ve always wanted to visit the city (my Skins period is definitely the reason why), and from there depart to Amsterdam where my best friend would join me. After a few days there I’d go back in my home city by train, which is six hours long or so. I was completely excited and thrilled by the prospect of this journey but the reality of money soon condemned my project.

Nevermind that! I’d plan something as exciting and as fun: Cardiff and London, with still the possibility of stopping by Bristol if I really feel the urge too. I’ve been full of love for Wales lately and I can’t wait to feel the welsh fresh air on my face and hear their goddamn accent! As for London, I mean, who would say no to a three days trip in the capital of the United Kingdom with their best friend ? I’ve been once already and I can’t wait to go back: this was the perfect opportunity! I’ll be enjoying Camden and Soho and all of London’s perfect place with one of my dearest friends, whom I haven’t seen for so long!

I truly believe that the whole planning process of trips is one of the most exciting and entertaining things to do, even more when you’re doing it with people you’ll be traveling with and all your ideas mingle to create the best trip possibility.

What are your toughts about travelling? And planning? Do you prefer travelling on your own, with friends or family? Do you get as excited as I do or are more the type to look at excited people with a bit of retenue and join the hype when the planning seems correct and done?

Tell me all about you, lads!

I’ll be ending this post with that for today, and I’ll come back today with a drama review! I’ve started watching the Korean drama Secret Love and I decided to do some king of episode by episode review!

See you tomorrow, sorry this has been quite random guys!

Lots of lil’kisses from a



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