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Secret Love | Korean Drama

Hey everyone!

As said in yesterday’s post, today I’ll be speaking about a Korean drama I’m currently watching. It all started in July, when a friend of mine watched Kill Me Heal Me and urged a common friend and I to start watching it too. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any wifi until mid-october, which meant I couldn’t start the series, and my other friend gracefully waited for me. We wanted to start it asap but due to some circonstances we once again had to delay our KMHM gluttony… but I was craving some drama, as the friend at the origin of this need was sending us lovely gifs to convince us.

how can you say no to this, seriously? ❤

Thus, I decided to start another series that she complimented, called Secret Love (or sometimes only Secret). I believe it’s starring almost the same actors, which is great as I love them loads. But let’s try and develop the plot of Secret Love a bit, shall we?


secret love korean drama

What is it all about?

Truthfully, it’s a pain to summarise. As all TV series, there is so much happening in so little time that I feel like it’d take ages explaining the whole… and yet, I’ve only just finished episode 3. However, I’ll tell you the exact same thing I told my sister when she said she wanted to start watching as well and I didn’t want to watch the first episode again, hopefully this will be a bit simpler and clear enough!

We can say that the story focuses on two main characters: Yoo-Jung, a working girl, daughter of a baker, dedicating her life and money to her to-be fiancé, Do-Hoon, a prosecutor, on one side and on the other, Min-Hyuk, a wealthy guy, who was forced to break up with his lover of “lower rank”, Ji-Hee, and is forced into a marriage with a childhood friend, Se-Yeon, the daughter of another important family. What’s the link between the two mains, you ask? Well, the lover of the wealthy boy dies in a hit-and-run accident…. caused by Yoo-Jung car’s while Do-Hoon was driving. And guess what? She decides to cover him. 

Starting from there, hell begins.

I can’t tell you more about the plot without spoiling you or without spoiling my own experience as I’m still watching the series but… ARGHHH. A lot is happening! A whole lot! And it breaks my heart! And it’s going to break yours!

Truthfully, it’s been a long while since I’ve watched any drama series ; I’m always getting a bit of cringe with the actresses roles, the way they react that is really a particular scripted acting from asiatic countries. However, you get used to it, and I’m kind of almost getting fond of it, and lovingly amused. 

Just as my friend told me, I’ve gotten totally engrossed in the series. All the characters are touching in a way or another, and you get heavily involved with them, insulting them, loving them, caring for them. I think one of my favorite character to hate is Min-Hyuk’s Step-Mother and Do-Hoon, the prosecutor… although the lead actress, Yoo-Jung is particularly hatable at times, as she’s so stupidly enamoured with someone who doesn’t deserve all that. She does things that make me go crazy and make me want to shake her up and tell her that she has to face reality and stop acting like she does… but of course, she does not, or there would be no story, right?

That’s the thing that I particularly like about dramas, they are usually kind of realistic in the way they describe the human psychology? No character is all white nor all black, they all have some good sides and some others that are terribly wrong. You end up loving someone who can be an absolute asshole some thirty minutes later, and that’s kind of difficult for your brain and heart to follow, but in all honesty, it’s as if you were facing real persons, whose actions might deceive you once, and then they’d do something lovely which would make you reconsider everything, and it’s this kind of circle for every single one of the characters and … I love it. Truly do.

One thing I love about that drama up until now is that the plot is super interesting! It’s deeper than an usual love story, with a high-school girl and a tenebrous high school boy and a lively one, and who will she fall in love with? It’s about murder, about prison, about pregnancy, about love, about family, about liberty and choices, about morality, about lots of dark things and, true, it’s a Korean drama and they are obliged to follow some kind of specifications (such as a quota of dance/KPop, laughable moments etc.) it’s also quite a gothic-ish filming-style with a lots of dark scenes, dark lights and dark moods. And that’s strangely refreshing in the genre! 

I can’t tell you loads more about the series as I’m still watching it and don’t have that much to say without spoiling, thus I’ve been telling you a lot about the characters for you to get as excited as I am about that series and go watch it too! If you do, we’ll be able to exchange about it, and that’s super great. I might be doing some short “what happened next ??” blog post about Secret Love if you want to read my thoughts on the next episodes and react to them! Tell me about it, alright?

Well then, that was my love declaration to Secret Love, I’ll leave you on that note:

(that’s from KMHM)

I’ll see you tomorrow, love!

With lots of lil’kisses from a



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  1. hi, i found your blog accidentally while i am looking for some reviews for secret. i really love to watch this drama also. the story and plot were so deep and different to typical kdrama nowadays

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