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Spread happiness… <3


Today is quite a shitty day. Even though I’m not American I think we’re all aware that this election touches more than only the American people, and I’m distressed. It’s the kind of day where you need to step back, stop thinking a little and spread your love, spread your positivity and happiness.

Thus, even though it’s quite late, I’ve decided not to give up on today’s blogpost, as I had first wondered what I would be saying to you all, in the state I am, and I’ll talk about 5 things that made me happy lately.

1) I talked about it lately but I’m launching a new project in my university, it’s a cultural magazine, and we finally received our very first issue printed out yesterday, and it felt amazing to see something you’ve created, and worked hard on, being a real little magazine you can handle in your own hands.

Look, isn’t it lovely?


2) This Friday is a national holiday as we’re celebrating the First World War’s Armistice on 11/11 which means I’ll be enjoying a three days long weekend and as I’ve been hit hard by insomnia lately I hope this weekend will help me gain my lacking sleep back ! Plus, who doesn’t love a longer weekend than usual, right?

3) In ten days, the Christmas market in my city will be launched and I LOVE that period of the year so much and the opening of the market feels like the beginning of the festive season and that makes me truly happy. Christmas is family time, hot chocolate time, snuggling in a plaid whole day time, and lots of cherished moments happen at that time of the year so I’m excited for that!

4) This happened a couple weeks ago but the weekend of the 28th until the 31st of October I had two dear friends over in Nantes, whom I had first met on a writing website and with whom I’ve become super close and it was so nice being together for a full weekend eating to our hearts content, gossiping and watching all kind of movies and TV series like geeks we are. Plus, for once, people were coming in Nantes instead of me going to Paris and that was lovely as well.

5) Another thing that made me really happy in the past couple weeks is that I’ve started talking almost everyday with a dear dear friend of mine, whom I’ve always loved as much as I did in high school but because of uni and internship and life and whatnot we didn’t really have the opportunity to talk as frequently as we used to, but this time we’re making an effort to talk every single day about some random facts or urgent matters like we used to do and that’s such a lovely feeling! There’s nothing better than reuniting with a friend you’ve missed!

Well then, those are my five things that made me happy lately, and I kind of feel happier and comforted now that I had to think back on them as to write them… thus, all I can do is encourage you a 10000 times to think about happy and grateful memories and spread them, spread your happiness and show every one that you are not defeated, you are not going weak against someone whose principles defy yours and that you’ll keep loving and spreading happiness to every single soul out there, not worrying about who they love where they come from whom they pray too or they kind of genitalias.

I trust you, we can do that.

Lots of lil’kisses from a



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