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Top 3 musical likes of October


It’s been a while since I’ve done any musical recommendations, so here are three songs for you to listen!


Crystal Castle is not to the likes of everybody, but I really do enjoy listening to them. I usually listen to it when I’m writing, as it puts me in some kind of musical transe that is really enjoyable to connect with your writing. I couldn’t choose one favorite but I still decided to go for Concrete, as I listen to it quite frequently. I’ve bought their latest album, with the new singer, and it’s really really good – although I have some remaining preferences for the past albums.


Once again, it wasn’t easy choosing only one! I’ve had The Divine Comedy’s album on my phone for a long while but didn’t really listened to them as much as I do now! I’ve grown super fond of Neil Hannon and his songs, and I’m still pissed that I didn’t convince myself quick enough to get tickets for his concert in Nantes before it was all gone. I really love his album Absent Friendsin which I really really like several songs: Absent Friends, My Imaginary Friend, The Wreck of the Beautiful and Our Mutual Friend! In his album Bang dos the Knighthood I love Have you Ever Been in Love and The Lost Art of Conversation, as well as Neapolitan Girl! In the Bonus CD, you also find some french songs, and it’s freaking adorable, I’m always becoming a puddle of love when listening to them, particularly Amsterdam and Poupée de Cire, Poupée de Son. I still haven’t listened to their latest album but it’s on my wishlist, I’ll be doing that very very soon! As for you, you’ve got a whole list of songs I want you to listen to, don’t you? 😉



Lately, I’ve also been listening a lot to the Arctic Monkeys and Crying Lightning is one of my favorites! I love all of their Humbug album, and I’m thrilled over their cover of Red Right Hand by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, which I already loved. I really like their rhythm, the voices and arrangements, it pleases my soul, and hopefully it’ll please yours, if you haven’t listened to them yet (but how could that be?).

What has been your favorite song the past month? Tell me all about it! I’m trying to discover at least one song a day, so do comment your favorite one!

That’s it for today, a bit late though, sorry! It’ll be your nighttime music, right?

I’ll try and write the blog posts in the morning for it to be published in the afternoon or I’ll keep on forgetting about it, I know me…

I’ll see you tomorrow then!

Lots of lil’kisses from a



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