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Inferno || Movie review

Hey guys!

As I’ve been saying in some past articles, last Friday I went to the cinema and saw INFERNO by Ron Howard, an adaptation of Dan Brown’s book.

Once again, I won’t do a comparison between the two; it’s been far two long since I’ve read the book. Here is simply my opinion of the movie as a movie itself and not as an adaptation!

For those of you who don’t know the story here’s the trailer:


Now off to my criticism!

First, the plot and the way it’s done! I love that kind of story, mixing up some cultural knowledge and thriller and some action. Truth be told, it’s however not my favorite to watch! I’m not into action movies and well, this one has quite a lot of fighting running away action type of things… but not too much! It’s well dwelled into the other genres, with its part of emotions and story telling and discoveries; on that point I think it’s pretty much okay!

The plot is a bit of a what-the-fuck, but it’s kind of always the case with Dan Brown, right? In my personal opinion though this kind of story is much more enjoyable read than watched, as it can rapidly turn into a giant blockbuster with a feeling of “too-much”. That’s what happened here, in my opinion.

As much as the plot is cool, the movie sometimes left me thinking it was a bit lengthy and that it was a bit too much. I had tremendous difficulties with the Inferno scenes, and the noise, and as much as I understand it participated to the blurry and confused effect professor Langdon was suffering from, it wasn’t fluid or enjoyable enough. There are some movies were the feeling of oppression and chaos is done better and they leave you feeling panicky and oppressed too more than having difficulties to cope with the bad rendering and sound. But that may be because I don’t watch a lot of this kind of movie and’always grown when they’re shouting for nothing. Sorry not sorry.

A pretty enjoyable thing though is the cast! They are lovely actors, and I was so glad to see Felicity Jones as I love her loads and loads. I think she made a great Sienna ; and Tom Hanks is Tom Hans what do you want me to add to that. I didn’t know who would be playing the French OMS and was surprised to see Omar Sy, which is quite liked in France ; it was a bit strange to see him playing with Hanks for example but that kind of proud weirdness one can feel! I don’t think he was the best out there but he definitely was enjoyable! Irrfan Khan and his character were totally wonderful and they brought a much welcolmed touch of freshness and humour!

Added to this are of course the marvelous shots of Florence and Venise and all the other places they go to; the images were wonderful and it was aesthetically pleasing to the eye!

All in all, it definitely is a great action movie, and despite not really liking this genre I had quite a great time in the cinema!

Have you seen it yet? What did you think about it?

Ill see you tomorrow with another blogpost!



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