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New Year, New Plans

Hello everyone,

This is my first blog post of the year… so Happy New Year everyone! I never know when it’s not appropriate to say it anymore, but let’s pretent I’m safe.

Little Gladys celebrated its two years last 30th of November. 

Two years, man! It’s a huge amount of time… and I’m still as unorganised as ever. I decided to change that radically – it’s time I take this blog in hands and proceed to some organisation.

Here’s what’s going to happen:




That’s huge, right? I never scheduled any post on that blog – I’m always writing them in an impromptu way and we’ve all seen how regular that made me.

I’ve planned a FOUR MONTHS SCHEDULE. I have everything sorted out from February to May! No kidding! All that’s left is actually writing the blog posts, but that’ll be easy peasy as I’ve thought of every ideas I’ve written down.

Now, on to the explanation of my big refont:


What is to be expected on those days?

Tuesdays will have two types of articles, alternating each week :


The Critic will be critical recommendations and thoughts on books, movies, mangas (as I love doing, you know me), tv series, music, any kind of cultural stuff. It’ll be either French (remember that video on French authors?), foreign, anything – but it will be culture related and it will be hopefully a meritful criticism.


The Literary will be a more indepth article related to writing and reading as concepts. As I did before with articles on wether Fanfiction should be looked down upon? or the Writing Perspective of Flaubert, it’ll be more literary centered (I’m coming back here to the main reason I opened this blog in the first place, aha)

Fridays will be even more broad, however in the same optic: babbling. As its name says.


The Babbling will regroup articles on cooking, travelling, health, fitness, dieting, languages, random thoughts, rants, summer, finals… every thing more life related! Lifestyle ranting, if you please. I love those kind of posts, you know me.
Posts about planning holidays? Recipes – usually tasty? I’m all about those!

Looks exciting, right?? Well, I AM for sure!

First post of this big Little Gladys’ revolution will be on Tuesday, as I’ve stated, and I’ll start with a Critic Post. Which means the Tuesday after that will be a Literary Post. Got the hang of that planner? Sure you do! Are you excited now? Sure you are!

I’ll see you very very soon,

Lots of lil’kisses from a



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