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Japanese Snack Tasting | A video


Happy Friday everyone!

What have you planned for the weekend? Something nice, I hope! As for me, I’ll be concentrating on my reading list for uni, cause Montaigne ain’t gonna read itself, is it?

Today is a special post as it is mostly a video format! Let me give you a bit of context:

Last november, I went to a pop culture/video games/mangas convention in Nantes, named Art to Play.

Art to Play Official

I got to see some amazing artists, some wonderful animations, old game stations, amazing cosplays, and eat lots of delicious food! Here is a small peak:

Youngsters playing on old game console
A fabulous maquette of FMA and Edward
My lunch!! ❤
We also tasted Ramune ~~
And this delicious matcha cheesecake ❤


All of this on a wonderful anime background soundtrack, with loads of costumes and fun and laughs : really a good day!! My friend Lea and I decided to taste some of the japanese snacks they were selling there and thought of doing a video, for your eyes only!

So.. here it is! It’s a bit long, 10 minutes, but you’ll get to see our disgusted faces (mostly) and our diverging opinions (Lea hates green tea whilst it’s one of my favs). We also filmed a video on her channel (in French) with other products, the link will be in the description box!! 

Products tasted:

Green tea flavored Pocky || Grea tea flavored Dorayaki || Green Tea flavored mochi || Blueberry flavored mochi || A mysterious gaufrette | Ganburi drink 

That’s it for today, hopefully you did enjoy this little dive into japanese culture and food!! I can vouch for the green tea flavored filled biscuits, I could eat that all day!!

Ever tried japanese snacks?? What’s your favorite? Tell me all about it!

I’ll see you on Tuesday,



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