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Bake with Lil’Gladys || Banana Pancakes Two Ways


Heeyy everyone!

You were wondering what to cook for your breakfast tomorrow morning? Or what to add to your sunday’s lunch that’s quick and easy and tasy to do? I’ve got you sorted!

Today, we’re making Banana Pancakes Two Ways! 


Ingredients :

Pancakes batter:

2 large bananas

2 large eggs

2 or 3 tbspoons of flour

1/2 teaspoon of baking powder

Vanilla extract


Chopped almonds (optional)

Pancakes toppings (to taste) :


Melted Chocolate



How to : 

Here’s the illustrated bit:

Here’s for the little explanation, in case it wasn’t self-explanatory enough:

  1. Chop the bananas into a bowl, and crush it until it looks like the first picture. We want it to be as smooth as can be : try to remove all big chunks of bananas by mashing them.
  2. Then you’ll need to beat the two eggs together as to obtain pic n.2
  3. Pour the mix into the crushed banana and stir the two together until the eggs are well blended in.
  4. Next, you’ll need to add a bit of flour. It’s not an obligatory step, if you’re gluten intolerant. However, the batter will be very very liquid without it, and it might be difficult to correctly turn the pancakes in the frying pan. I can suggest adding 1/2 or 1 full banana to the mix to make it a bit more fix but do add a bit of flour if you can, it’ll be better. 
  5. Then, you’ll need to add a little bit of baking powder. Half a teaspoon is perfectly fine: it’ll make your pancakes a bit more fluffy.
  6. Then, to taste, add some vanilla extract and a bit of honey. It’ll help diminish the strong egg taste and will surexpose the banana flavour. All good!
  7. You’ll then be going on the cooking part. Remember to oil your frying pan beforehand for the pancakes not to stick on it! Pour into the pan a bit of batter, as to make little round pancakes. As they can be a handful to turn over, making them small will be easier!
  8. You can also chop some almonds and add it on the pancakes when on the frying pan. It’ll taste super good, promise!


Here’s what it’ll look like:



Once you’ve done all that, on to the prep! Now’s the best time, actually: decorating your pancakes, adding the toppings, yummy ❤

I’ve got two ways to present today! Hopefully one of them will be more of your taste! Here’s what I’ve got to prepare that: melted chocolate, honey, almonds.


You can :

either sprinkle your pancakes with melted chocolate and add a bit of almonds

or cover your pancakes with drizzles of honey and almonds.

Two simple ways of having two completely different pancakes.

The honey one will feel lighter, and you’ll taste the banana flavour a bit more. It’ll also echo with the honey you’ve poured into the batter: all delicious!

As for the chocolate, it’s a bit more strong tasted. However, we all know how GOOD chocolate + banana is : it’s the perfect equation.

And here’s the final result:



Freaking tasy, right? Now all you’ve gotta do is go out there buy some bananas and treat yaself to some delicious banana pancakes.

Not convinced yet? LOOK. AT. THESE.


You can’t say no to that!!

If that still ain’t to your taste, why not try some of my other recipes? I’ve got a lovely Pain Perdu (French Toast) video over here !

Bon appétit everyone, and see you next tuesday!



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