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Inferno || Movie review

Hey guys! As I’ve been saying in some past articles, last Friday I went to the cinema and saw INFERNO by Ron Howard, an adaptation of Dan Brown’s book. Once again, I won’t do a comparison between the two; it’s been far two long since I’ve read the book. Here is simply my opinion of…… Continue reading Inferno || Movie review

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Secret Love | Korean Drama

Hey everyone! As said in yesterday’s post, today I’ll be speaking about a Korean drama I’m currently watching. It all started in July, when a friend of mine watched Kill Me Heal Me and urged a common friend and I to start watching it too. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any wifi until mid-october, which meant I…… Continue reading Secret Love | Korean Drama

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Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children | Movie Review

Hey everyone! Well, let’s be honest, I almost forgot to do today’s blog post! I’ve been writing all day long (cause yes, I ended up doing the nanowrimo, bless my soul, and have a quick prayer for my fingers that are spasming on the keyboard), and thus it completely slipped off my mind that I…… Continue reading Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children | Movie Review

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Kids on the slope & Her Granddaughter review

Heyaaaa people! Day 2 of the blogging month challenge! Without further a-due, let’s hop on today’s article. Nothing fancy but I’ve promised it for so long it keeps on haunting me, truth be told. Remember that a while ago, I did another of those mangas favorites of the month? (Quick note: I currently have over…… Continue reading Kids on the slope & Her Granddaughter review

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Christmas Movies Favs

Heyaaa lil’pies! As today is Christmas, I can obviously recommend Christmas movies only, right? Well, let me tell you something: I am a hard-core lover of fluffy, over-romantic, stupidly cute Christmas movies, and will be forever. My favorite thing in the world is being in my PJs, with a hot chocolate or a delicious tea,…… Continue reading Christmas Movies Favs

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Review | Perfume: Story of a murderer

Heyaaaa everyone! You ain’t dreaming, literary me is back in the place! Today I’m talking a little bit about one of my most favorite book and movie ever: It’s a book written by Patrick Süskind, it is wonderful, it is mind-blowing, and I hope you’ll get as excited as I did if you watch it. Please do.…… Continue reading Review | Perfume: Story of a murderer