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Silence | A short story

Hey guys! For once, how about I deliver something a bit more personal, a piece of writing I did some time ago? Well, here we go! I wrote that in French over here, if you’d like to read it in its original form, but here’s a translation for you. Silence. They’re two. They’re looking at…… Continue reading Silence | A short story

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Finishing the NaNoWriMo

Heyaaa everyone! I feel like, as I’ve been uploading an issue telling you guys how to deal with the NaNoWriMo, it is only fair for me to tell you that I managed to finish the 50 000 needed words to complete the challenge o/ As I’ve been trying since 2011, and failing miserably, all I…… Continue reading Finishing the NaNoWriMo

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Getting through the NaNoWriMo

Heyaaa everyone! Sorry for not uploading sooner and for being one post late! I’ll change that very soon, but not today, because today I’m trying to finish my 50 000 words for the NaNoWriMo. Maybe some of you don’t know what that it is? In which case, I redirect you to my latest issue on…… Continue reading Getting through the NaNoWriMo

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45 Great Sourced Quotes from Writers about Books

Originally posted on Interesting Literature:
The best quotes about books, from some of the most famous writers in the world Here is a list of our favourite quotes about books from various writers, some famous, some not so famous. We’ve only included those quotations for which we’ve managed to track down a source, whether in…

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Heyaa lil’pies! I ain’t dead and damn I’ve got some great things for you! Remember that video I’ve been speaking about for DAYS and DAYS? Well, lil’pies, it’s ready and here for your lil’pleasure! For this video, I’ve decided to talk about 5 FRENCH AUTHORS I personally really love and therefore believe you should check…… Continue reading 5 FRENCH AUTHORS YOU SHOULD READ

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Reader’s right | Books I never finished

Heyaaa lil’pies! Sorry I messed up my schedule time so it did not get online at 12 GTM like promised… but well here I am now and ready to talk about… 5 books I could never finish Yes, there are some books I did not read until the last page. Some even I did not…… Continue reading Reader’s right | Books I never finished

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Overcoming writer’s block?

Heyaa lil’pies! For today’s late-tuesday-more-like-wednesday blog issue, I’m going to talk about a matter that is quite of an important one for authors… WRITER’S BLOCK. How to overcome a writer’s block? This a question that haunts writers’ head, as they’re hoping for all their inspiration, all their imagination to gather up on their own and…… Continue reading Overcoming writer’s block?